Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daily HYIP Rankings, News and Updates 10/22/2012

MNO and other AntiDDos Running Programs Temporarily Down! | Newsletter: TivSol Daily News Update & PrimeX7 Exclusive Interview with Featured Program Of the Month Admin - Blue of PrimeX7
MNO and other AntiDDos Running Programs are Temporarily Down!

Money News Online, one of the leading HYIP monitor, blog and news provider in the industry and one of The HYIP Bulletin's major partners is experiencing temporary server down time. Currently the site is inaccessible. Paul Abramson, owner of MNO informed me that the reason behind is a massive DDoS attack on the servers of AntiDDos where MNO is hosted. MNO was previously hosted by Dragonara but due to the extended restrictions of the terms of service by the said hosting company for HYIP programs, Paul was forced to choose AntiDDos who also had a very good record when it comes to its security and protection for such attacks. SEE THE FULL STORY HERE...

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