Friday, October 19, 2012

Latest Program Enlisted: Tivsol (Total InVestment SOLution) + Review

Tivsol (short for Total InVestment SOLution) is the latest program that joined today and caused another great excitement to the experienced players. Unlike the new programs today, Tivsol actually gives me the feeling of "OLD SCHOOL". Tivsol is also a hyrid of autosurf and as a brief background, Autosurfs were the "in" programs during old times and perhaps might have been long forgotten until a huge program that just emerged also introduced it back to the community. Before you can actually receive your earning for the day, you have to surf a number of advertisements, and unlike PTC (paid to click) advertisements there is no need for you to sit on your computer and wait for the countdown just so to view the next ads. It AUTOMATICALLY directs you to the next advertisement without doing anything and thus where its name is coined after.


Tivsol offers you two choices for your investment plans. First is the AutoSurf Plan with 5% per day for 30 days at the cost of having to surf at least 10 ads for the duration of your investment term. Since there is no principal return feature, your total profit by end of term is 50%. The next plan is the Non-Autosurf Plan with 3% per day plan for 90 days with total profit of 170% by end of term. What makes this a good choice also is that you do not need to do the daily surfing for you to earn and at the same time you get to have your principal back at the end of term. Nevertheless, reaching your break even is slower with this plan.

Unlike the investment plans, Tivsol offers a wide variety of payment processor options. Perhaps, they are one of the very few programs that offers these much! They accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay and OKPay. Another great thing about this program is that you only need $10 to start investing. Please do take note that before you can actually invest, you need to put money into your wallet. Once you have put enough money into your wallet, you can now choose which investment plan you want.

Technicality wise, they are running by Gotenks script which again is now pretty rare too, but nevertheless is still one of the best. Their site is fully SSL encrypted by Comodos and that they are hosted on a dedicated server protected by BlackLotus. You can definitely tell that Tivsol decently prepared in this sector.

What I like about Tivsol is that aside from the fact that we again are in the game of HYIP industry, you can fully optimize its Autosurf feature. That is extra traffic for your advertisments and thus can also help lead to potential profits. Tivsol also sells out advertisment packages for the exposure of your programs or sites to the different locations of their website. This should be very good for them to be able to generate more profit and is actually a very good idea! This might help Tivsol become a "Potential KING in the HYIP Industry!"

Nevertheless, due to the nature that we are dealing with in this industry, I strongly advise you to excercise due diligence once again and to always make sure to investment only an amount that you are prepared to loose.

I will leave it to your decision now guys.

Here is Tivsol's welcome letter upon signing up:

Welcome to Tivsol!
We the staff of Total Investment Solution (Tivsol) welcome you to our official website. Clients and promoters from all around the world are free to join our classic structured advertising and earning program.
The website has various pages and we recommend you read through them for better understanding, while you do this if you have needs to want to speak with our customer support personnel you are very welcome to use any of our customer support communication means for further clarifications.

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