Thursday, October 25, 2012

PrimeX7 Latest Surprise Treat

PrimeX7, our currently reigning Top Most Favorite Program and offering 7% daily for 23 days and other diverse investment plans such as 157%-207% after 7 to 28 days sends out another surprise treat for us all.

A few days ago PrimeX7 sends out an invitation to all the members of the said program to participate for "The Battle of the Primes" contest. This was originally designed to help the company grow and to ultimately celebrate the program's first month online.

Today, they have added another exciting mechanics to the said contest to heat things up for the celebration of their first month. I would say that everyone can participate in it and everyone can definitely benefit from it. A 7% bonus will be given to all those who will be doing a deposit via their payment processors and another 3.5% bonus for those who will be depositing via their account balances in the next 7 days.

Here is the entire newsletter:

"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

One of our main goals in PrimeX7 is to share with you the feeling of belongingness, uniqueness and true ease. To emphasize on this matter, we have already brought you "The Battle of The Primes" for our existing family members. - But what about the new members?

It is time for us to reveal the true meaning of PrimeX7
Prime is equivalent to first in excellence, while X is for extraordinary and seven is for luck! 
And to heat things up, we will be activating -----
the 7% extra bonus button to all deposits done from payment processors 
AND 3.5% for deposits from your account balance for the next 7 days starting today!

Looking forward to our first month's online celebration!


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