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Exclusive Interview with PexPay

Hello Guys! Today, we will be doing something EXTRA SPECIAL! If you noticed a few days ago, the featured program of the month banner had been changed for an extra special program. The difference is that it is not an HYIP. It is no other than PexPay. You might have seen them on some program, or not at all. That is because PexPay is a new payment processor who is getting more and more recognized and used by the different programs. As promised, The HYIP Bulletin has delivered to you an exclusive interview with PexPay!

In relation to this, I would have to refrain myself from creating too much comments on the other news (sorry guys I want to emphasize more on this interview) but of course I would never miss sending out those newsletters because they are also important so you will still be able to read the original newsletters later on. But first, do take time to read "THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PEXPAY."

1.) Hello Mike and thanks once again for making time for The HYIP Bulletin and its subscribers. Before we hit the formal interview, can you please tell us more about you and your role in PexPay? 
- I am one of the Managers here at PexPay. My role includes training our staff, reaching out to new merchants, keeping up in the different forums, blogs, and social network sites, overseeing the live chat staff, the verification department, and the support center staff.

2.) Can you tell us more about the background of PexPay? What is your company’s vision and mission? How was it conceptualized? 
- We have been building PexPay from the ground up with a few solid foundations: excellent customer service, quick payment processing, and a user-friendly site that is there when you need it. We are Your Bridge to Anywhere, and we welcome people to come experience the PexPay difference.

We have seen many other processors show their growth by slowing down in all aspects of their business. We have been working hard to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to handle all the growth and the pains that come with it. The standards that we set for ourselves on day one are what we strive to meet and exceed and that is what motivates us. 

PexPay was developed over a couple of years of planning and much discussion on what we felt was missing based on first hand experience with other processors. We knew there was a need to create a processor that could service all your payment processing needs while still delivering a quality service with people that care. We think that many companies, especially internet-based companies, lose sight of what their customers really want as they expand and grow. This was especially apparent in the payment processing industry and that is why we decided to fill the void and set our guidelines from the beginning to never let us go down that road. We gathered the resources needed to put our vision into action and created what you know as PexPay today. 

3.) Please give us brief information about your company’s staff? Who are they and what do they do? Also, where is your company based? 
- Our staffs are comprised of people that we have worked with in the past. They are in a couple different locations and we have a few professionals and companies that we have contracts with to provide specific services. Most of our staffs are trained in various departments to accommodate for our growth. This will enable us to move staff around to keep verifications, support tickets and all the other functions moving smoothly as we continue to grow. We are a 100% online company and therefore we have no public offices. We do have a public mailbox in Michigan where we receive checks from customers.

4.) Are there any interesting facts our readers might be interest that is not shown in your website? 
- Everything is listed on our site, but one thing that people overlook is our Customer Loyalty Program. It is by far the best of any processor that we have compared it to. Your readers can find more information on it here:

5.) Do you have any kind of official sanction or license from the government or financial authorities?
- We are based in Nevada and follow all requirements that must be followed with regards to MSB (Money Service Business) rules and guidelines. There are many details that must be followed to operate an MSB in Nevada or anywhere in the US, as well as if you are an international processor doing business with US customers. This is part of the reasons that it took us 2 years to introduce PexPay to the world. We have a complete AML compliance policy for both the United States and Canada. We have both to cover our bases and allow for growth and expansion even though we operate solely in the U.S. at this time.

6.) Every great company starts with a great foundation. Although PexPay is just new, it has become a well known and preferred payment processor in the online industry. What do you think is the foundation of PexPay which you firmly believe will make it greater than it is today? 
- I think I may have touched on this in one of the other questions, but the answer is customer service. There is nothing more important than taking care of your customer. Our customers will be the biggest reason we will grow the way we will. If we do not take care of them or treat them like they are just numbers then they can also be the reason that we do not succeed. I can assure you that our customers will always be our number one priority. When the customer is taken care of all other things fall into place, and they then become our best method of advertising.

7.) I too am working in the customer service industry other than The HYIP Bulletin, so I strongly agree on that Mike. Can you also give us some current statistics of the company? Who are you servicing and how many people or company are you currently working for? 
- We are seeing wonderful growth in the number of customers that are joining each day. In May we only had double-digit signups 5 days, last month we had double-digit signups everyday, and triple digits three days, this month we have had triple digit signups 11 times. This speaks volumes for the growth we have had in a few short months. We are looking for more merchants and that will come with time. We are approaching many different industries and just finished up with a very large company that I am sure many will be interested in once the announcement is official. They are not a HYIP but they can be a great site for anyone with a PexPay account that is looking to do some online shopping.

We also try to send out emails from time to time letting our customers know about new merchants using PexPay. 

8.) What do you think are the common issues or scenarios you encounter in a daily basis which you think can be minimized if only done this and that? 
- The biggest issues that we see from customers contacting us are issues that were actually answered already in the website. In fact, the tickets and live chat requests that we get are already answered in that specific page they are in or can be found in the FAQ section, which we will also be updating in the near future.

The most common question we encounter is about the Security Guard Pin (SGP) as many people do not know what it is. This is very important, as the SGP is needed to perform all sensitive functions within your account. The SGP is something the customer creates when they log into their account the first time. They have to enter the SGP info twice to create it, and we also ask them to write it down as a reminder of how important the SGP is.

9.) What do you think is the reason why people are choosing PexPay over the other payment processors online? 
- They want a change! They want a payment option that is going to do what they say. They want a payment option that is going to process transactions on time. They want a payment option that responds to them in a timely manner. They want to use a service that they can have confidence in. There are other options that ignore, don’t care, or cannot meet the needs of their customer base. PexPay can meet that need, always will, and is that change that so many online users are looking for.

10.) I noticed that on your homepage, you can see the slogan “Fast. Secure. Reliable. Worldwide.” Please expound on this. 
- That is built around the core issues that we observed when doing all of our research on many payment processors. We have had accounts with many processors for many years. We created these accounts with our competition so that we could experience what each one was good at, and also to see the places that we thought could use improvement. Many of them do a handful of things well, but there were also many of them that did some things pretty poorly. We noticed the same issues coming up processor after processor. We took that info and created what turned into our core goals of how we would be different. These things include:

Fast – We doing things in a quick time frame for our customers. Just because a company grows does not mean that the customers should be expected to suffer or have to put up with delays. 

Secure – We noticed that it is way too easy to get information from the different processors without having to give much detail. There were many different things we did in testing this, and we could not believe how unsafe different information was. 

Reliable - We found that many processors claimed to do many different things in many different areas, but they fell well short of their own statements or goals. We made it a point to provide services that will be reliable. This concept is carried out in our selection of different services we use or do not use. We made a conscious decision to put our resources into areas where we can be the most productive. We have the ability to help substantially more customers and do so faster using support tickets and live chat than we would if we had twice as many people on phone support. This helps to keep costs low, which is passed on directly to our customers. 

Worldwide – Much like we are not limited to one industry online, we are also not limited to one part of the world. We have to follow many rules because of our location, but as long as you are not breaking the said rules and guidelines, and as long as you are not in a limited number of countries that we cannot do business with, then we can and want to provide services for you. 

11.) Can you give us a quick guide on how to do registration and funding of the PexPay account? 

Anyone can create a PexPay account for free by going here: Once they create their account it is strongly recommended that they verify their account so they can take advantage of all that PexPay has to offer. To become verified they will need to send in a Government ID and a utility bill showing their name and address. This bill cannot be over 60 days old. If they want bank wire withdrawals then they will also need to upload a copy of the bank statement to the bank that they will be withdrawing to. The bank statement needs to again display their current address as well as their name. If they are uploading a bank statement we do not need the utility bill. 

Once they are verified they can then use all of the funding and withdrawal options that are available to them. Unverified accounts can still receive funds, and can even send up to 500.00 in total from their account. After that 500.00 is met they must verify their account 

12.) What are your future plans for the company? 
- We have many things that we will be working on in 2013. That list includes more localized banking, going after the largest merchants from different industries, along with many other things that will enhance the customer experience with PexPay for years to come.

13.) Do you offer Debit Cards for your members? 
- We do not at this time but this is something that we have talked about and will continue looking into in the future. We have noticed that there have been a lot of problems with processors offering debit cards in the past. We're working to find where these problems began, whether it was the debit card platform or the payment processor, and we're working to find the best long-term solution for our needs. When this becomes more of a reality we will be sure to let our customers know.

14.) What is the best and fastest way our readers can contact you if they have any questions or concerns related to PexPay? 
- The fastest way for people to get help is via our live chat for basic questions. If you have more detailed questions about your personal account, or if live chat is not online, the next fastest and best way to get help is to use the support ticket system from within your account. When you use the support ticket system, the support representative assisting you will have access to all necessary information about your account and can typically help you very quickly. Please do take note also that the Contact Us page is used for non-customer contact only. The representatives answering these requests DO NOT typically have access to the account specific information.

15.) Lastly, what would you like to add personally which was not covered in the interview which you think the readers of The HYIP Bulletin should know? 
- We realize that we are a new payment option and that this often causes concern for some people. However, we are confident that people will realize that we are the better option in the long run. We have a strong background in customer service and have been working on PexPay for years. We are confident that our site will fill the void that others feel with the other payment options that are currently available.

We know that there are those out there that will say they will not trust us because we are a new company. Our only response to that is that every company is new at some point. Often times the new guys will learn from the mistakes of the old ones and start with a better system and better approach. That's what we feel we have done. We feel we are already providing a better service and we feel our customer service is well above our competition. This is justified by the support being shown by our customers. 

Lastly, thank you also for inviting us with this interview. From what a few of us, including myself have seen, a fresh voice in your industry is desperately needed. It can never hurt your readers to have options when it comes to finding different information, and I think an unbiased site such as yours is a welcome change. 

Thank you also for the kind words Mike. I appreciate it. I hope that you and your company will have a wonderful growth and success in years ahead of you. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have The HYIP Bulletin a part of your company. 

To my readers and subscribers, I think we have learned a lot of very good lessons for today from PexPay. There is always a room for change and there is always a room to make the good things better. A visionary company who strives for excellence and great customer service, such as PexPay, could one of the essential elements that the online industry need. It might not that apparent right now, but definitely it will come. To PexPay, I salute you guys for your endeavors and I hope for the best on your company! 

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