Thursday, October 25, 2012

TivSol Newsletter

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and reviewed here recently added has sent out a newsletter today which is composed of three topics - appreciation, expectations and mass advertising/campaign. 

Although TivSol has just started in the industry and has been online for merely a week (6 days to e exact), they have already become one of our Top Most Favorite Programs in a very short span of time. With hundreds of sign ups every day, Philip Soller who is the director of the said program cannot help but thank all the members and new investors for the trust and support they have shown to TivSol.

Philip is also setting up some expectations to the members with regard to the very innovative plan and application of payoneer cards which is exclusive to its members. Although this may take up some time, and perhaps up to a couple of weeks, the company is making sure that the processing of the said cards will be done in the utmost timely manner. 

TivSol is also encouraging all the members to continually support the program by sharing the news about them on the different social medias and blogs online. They are also asking their members to continue to vote and rate for them in the different monitoring sites and forums. 

Lastly, TivSol has vowed to provide only the best services to their members by issuing pay outs within minutes to 24 hours and to make sure that all inquiries and concerns are attended right away. If by the case that you are not satisfied with their services, you are very much welcome to send out a complain or suggestion letter to their complaints department at

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Most Valued,
It is with great pleasure that I the director; Philip Soller of Total Investment Solution (Tivsol) write you today’s news update, I am pleased with the reception from the online industry since the very day of opening Tivsol up till this date. Anyway not a long update just to inform you of what to expect this coming weeks and give my words of appreciation.

Appreciation: It’s not a matter of how beautiful our website is; off course they are many more beautiful websites out there or even a case of our personnel, by conviction you choose to join Tivsol believing we will render you the best of online profit making and advertising solution, for this I say Thank you. I am most delighted with every participant of Tivsol, you’re all great people and we hope to continually offer you the quality of services you all desire which is the very BEST.

Expectations: We are still trying to finalize the issuance of Tivsol payoneer cards to our members, from the look of things this might take a few more weeks however we want you all to have your minds relax while looking forward to positive results.

Secondly, Mass advertising /campaigns would be going out, we shall be published in blogs and seen on top forums and monitoring website and we look forward to seeing some of your contributions, login to Talkgold, MMG, DTM, MNO Forum e.t.c, drop a line of what you think about Tivsol, also try to make honest votes this could help strengthen our program as well as serve you better.

Generally, all withdrawal requests are been processed in a minute to 24hours and we address all members with respect, attending to their individual needs and requests, if we have not served you right kindly send a mail to, it is our policy to treat all members with respect hence we want to evaluate our services and how we need to improve.

Thanks my friends I shall be reaching you from time to time, for now I would like to leave you with my daily quote “As a matter of fact we run Tivsol but it’s all about you”

Sincerely Yours,
Philip Soller

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