Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Program Enlisted: Caspian Capital + Full Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added another program in My Personal List today. Caspian Capital LLC is a new short to mid term program released in the industry only 3 days ago. They claim to be a global investment organization capitalizing on oil trades.

Caspian Capital offers you a wide variety of investment portfolio wherein you can choose as to which type best suites your needs. We can separate them into 2 categories, a daily running plan and a time limit plan. The Atrek Plan is the only option available for the daily running plan. It offers 20% daily for 7 days with principal included giving you a total of 140% ROI or 40% profit. You only need $10 to start investing in the said plan and has a limit of $150,000. As for the time limit plans, namely Kura (1 day), Ural (5 days), Samur (10 days), Saluk (15 days) and Terek (30 days), they offer ROIs of 110%, 130%, 180%, 280% and 380% with a minimum deposit of $20, $50, $100, $250 and $500  respectively (Sorry I tried to google their meanings but no luck of relating these words). What I find amusing about the plans is that although you are having a higher ROI, you are also taking a more considerable amount of higher risk, higher expense and longer period of waiting time! Personally it does not make a sense at all for me as to why they have to increase the minimum deposit in each plan.

They also have an affiliation program available for up to level 1 or direct referrals. Although this unique referral system is good for the programs sustainability, I am not so sure if it can attract or encourage members to participate proactively. The reason for this is that referral commissions start from 3% for the first 30 referrals and goes as high as 5% once you hit 61+ referrals. You have to have at least 30 referrals to move up to a higher percentile!

Caspian Capital accepts enough variety of payment processors. They accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and EgoPay. Cash out requests can be done daily for 7 days in a week with a minimum of $1 and is reflected within 24 hours.

Context wise, although the introductory part and company profile part is unique, I have that feeling that it is inadequet or lacks something. Perhaps because it has a very limited amount of wordings it or maybe because some of their explanations are hanging and vague. You can also see that there are some copy pasting sections found on the website which can be found from other programs too. But for the more experienced HYIP players, this does not really matter so I won't dwell too much on it.

Now on to the technical side which for me is one of the most important thing in a program. What I like most about Caspian Capital is that they are serious on keeping their program protected from server attacks. It runs off with a licensed GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-ecnrypted by no less than Comodo.  With the ongoing onslaught of different programs due to the widespread DDoS, a lot of programs have been down for days now and this could lead to serious complications of a program, even death. To prevent this from happening, they have chosen one of the best hosts and AntiDDoS providers around the industry - BlackLotus.

Another thing that caught my attention is that the program has a very good number of monitoring sites with them and this is a very good thing considering the fact that they have just started. This will give you an idea that they are serious with their program too.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach them via their live chat support (Yes it is functional, yes I have tried it and yes they are human!) or via email. I believe they have different operators available on different hours so that is another good thing.

Before I am going to end this review, I would like to say that the program has potentials in it. But never forget also this message "UNCERTAINTY IS THE ONLY CERTAIN THING IN THIS INDUSTRY!" If you want to consider investing in Caspian Capital, make sure that it is part of your wide and diverse portfolio and invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose!

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