Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PERFECT FINANCE: Website is Temporary Offline

Perfect Finance, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the Survey Poll sends out a newsletter that their website will be temporarily offline. Perfect Finance offers 2.7-3% daily for 60 calendar days and offers a return of principal upon maturity.

Here is the newsletter:
"Dear valued customers,

We understand that you are all worried and concerned about the recent downtime of our website. We are currently changing the hosting company and setting up new nameservers for our domain because the old ones are not working properly (hence you cannot open our website). For some the website will be already available after couple of hours, while 100% available it will be within next 24 hours once the nameservers are fully propagated in all countries and ISPs (internet service providers).

1) You will not lose a single earning from your investments for the past days when the website was not accessible. Once the website is available, you may request your accumulated funds for instant withdrawal and expect a stable performance of investing with us again.

2) For those who edited the hosts file in Windows (The temporary solution that we posted on our blog). Please open the file again as it was stated in instructions (as administrator, etc) and delete the two lines you entered. Don't forget to save the file!

As always, for most recent updates regarding the availability of our website, go to:

Thank you for your support and patience.

Christopher Walters
Perfect Finance Limited"

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