Saturday, October 27, 2012

PrimeX7 Expanding Program Coverage

PrimeX7, our current featured program of the month and the current leading Top Most Favorite Program from our Survey Poll sends out a good news to the members today.

The said newsletter talks about expanding their marketing coverage and has added another monitoring site in their program - Hyipnews.

As previously announced by the admin, PrimeX7 experienced some delays in the payment for about 12-24 hours due to the fact that they are manually adding up the 7% anepd 3.5% bonus from the promo which is going to run until 31st of this month. (You can read more about the said promo here). To make the processing of the said bonus faster, they had to coordinate with their technical tell so as to have a faster and automated addition of the said bonus.

Now that the said feature and their program script has been adjusted, we can expect cash outs to be one our way. (Update, I just got my two pending cash outs today).

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola
We are growing stronger and stronger everyday.

We have added some new marketing plan to stabilize PrimeX7.

We have currently added them as our new monitor. We believe they can help us grow and open a wider market .

More are coming. So does your payout and bonus.



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