Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TivSol Reaches New MileStone

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the survey poll is very glad to send out a fresh newsletter today. TivSol (reviewed here) offers 3-5% daily and pays up to 30 or 90 days depending on the type of plan has now been officially online for 11 days.

Yesterday, they reached a very good and extra ordinary milestone of 4000 ACTIVE members in that span of time which is totally a great achievement! The said newsletter also contains a brief explanation about their investment plans and how the two investment plans differ from each other. They are also reminding everyone about the total amount of time their cash outs will be processed or total amount of time some support tickets could be attended.

Unfortunately, it appears that some members of TivSol did not quite or might have overlooked the fact that cash outs will be processed with 1-24 hours and are instead sending out support tickets for this. Given the fact that TivSol have had such tremendous growth in just a very short amount of time, it is a no-wonder that they will be receiving more than 500 mails daily. Nevertheless it would be better if those issue mention above are not included. Thus TivSol felt the need to send out the reminder that they should just wait patiently wait their cash outs rather than clutter the inbox for this time wasting mails.

Here is the entire newsletter:"Dear Tivsol valued Member’s

From the desk of our company director: Phillip Soler;

Company Updates
Total Investment Solutions achieve another great milestone on its 10th day of operation, we have a total of 4,000 active members, Our company will do its best to serve you better and provide our members an effective advertising solutions for your products and websites.

Member’s update – Investment Plan Explained
1. SURF PLAN – This plan required $10 to join, and you are required to surf 10 ads daily to be eligible for tomorrow’s 5% earnings. If you miss a surfing day, you will not lose any profit, since it will only be delayed, this plan expires when you earned 150% from your investments, and this includes your principal + 50% profit. This plan runs for 30 Calendar Days
2. NON – SURF PLAN - This plan required $10 to join, You are not required to surf on this plan, Your earnings will be credited after 24 hours from your investment. This plan will earn you 3% daily for 90 Calendar days. And will expire at 270% + and your principal will be returned at the end if the investment plan
3. WITHDRAWALS – All withdrawals are processed within 1 – 24 hours after your request, please do not send us a support ticket asking about your withdrawal, it will be processed in a timely manner within 24 hours.
4. SUPPORT – We receive up to 500+ emails daily please allow us up to 1 – 36 hours to respond to your inquiry.

That’s all for now, see you on the next update!!
Warmest Regards;
Phillip Soler"

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