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Daily News and Updates 10/19/2012

Tivsol Reviewed | Mayhem In the HYIP Industry: Admin wars! | Benson Union Cash and Prizes Giveaway Results | Perfect Finance Reaches 5000 Members Milestone
Hello there! And very nice to see you again reading The HYIP Bulletin's Daily News and Updates! After a less busy day yesterday, I finally am refreshed and ready for today's industry news and updates. As usual, I started my day by reading and sorting out my now messy inbox. Having a lot to read, organizing my email has really helped me a lot - from urgent to less urgent and from important to less important. I got a feeling that today will be another stress-free day or so I thought it may be but I am deeply wronged!

Before I break out the REALLY HOT ISSUES FOR TODAY (and yes, they really are sizzling!), we will start off with intermissions. Under normal circumstances, the introduction of potentially good programs (althought we can only speculate as much but is still uncertain at the end of the day) is usually out main topic but with today's ISSUES, I think everyone would have to agree that this will just be the intermission for now.

Tivsol Review (Total InVestment SOLution) - HYIP + Autosurf Tivsol (short for Total InVestment SOLution) is the latest program that joined today and caused another great excitement to the experienced players. Unlike the new programs today, Tivsol actually gives me the feeling of "OLD SCHOOL". Tivsol is also a hyrid of autosurf and as a brief background, Autosurfs were the "in" programs during old times and perhaps might have been long forgotten until a huge program that just emerged also introduced it back to the community. Before you can actually receive your earning for the day, you have to surf a number of advertisements, and unlike PTC (paid to click) advertisements there is no need for you to sit on your computer and wait for the countdown just so to view the next ads. It AUTOMATICALLY directs you to the next advertisement without doing anything and thus where its name is coined after.


Tivsol offers you two choices for your investment plans. First is the AutoSurf Plan with 5% per day for 30 days at the cost of having to surf at least 10 ads for the duration of your investment term. Since there is no principal return feature, your total profit by end of term is 50%. The next plan is the Non-Autosurf Plan with 3% per day plan for 90 days with total profit of 170% by end of term. What makes this a good choice also is that you do not need to do the daily surfing for you to earn and at the same time you get to have your principal back at the end of term. Nevertheless, reaching your break even is slower with this plan.

Unlike the investment plans, Tivsol offers a wide variety of payment processor options. Perhaps, they are one of the very few programs that offers these much! They accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay and OKPay. Another great thing about this program is that you only need $10 to start investing. Please do take note that before you can actually invest, you need to put money into your wallet. Once you have put enough money into your wallet, you can now choose which investment plan you want.

Technicality wise, they are running by Gotenks script which again is now pretty rare too, but nevertheless is still one of the best. Their site is fully SSL encrypted by Comodos and that they are hosted on a dedicated server protected by BlackLotus. You can definitely tell that Tivsol decently prepared in this sector.

What I like about Tivsol is that aside from the fact that we again are in the game of HYIP industry, you can fully optimize its Autosurf feature. That is extra traffic for your advertisments and thus can also help lead to potential profits. Tivsol also sells out advertisment packages for the exposure of your programs or sites to the different locations of their website. This should be very good for them to be able to generate more profit and is actually a very good idea! This might help Tivsol become a "Potential KING in the HYIP Industry!"

Nevertheless, due to the nature that we are dealing with in this industry, I strongly advise you to excercise due diligence once again and to always make sure to investment only an amount that you are prepared to loose.

I will leave it to your decision now guys.

Here is Tivsol's welcome letter upon signing up:

Welcome to Tivsol!
We the staff of Total Investment Solution (Tivsol) welcome you to our official website. Clients and promoters from all around the world are free to join our classic structured advertising and earning program.
The website has various pages and we recommend you read through them for better understanding, while you do this if you have needs to want to speak with our customer support personnel you are very welcome to use any of our customer support communication means for further clarifications.

Mayhem in the HYIP Industry - Admin Wars!
The first newsletter that caught my eye is this very intriguing update from our former monthly featured HYIP program - 711 Finance. Ironically, having been tagged as waiting, then problem, and finally a scam status from the different monitoring boards in the industry, 711 Finance sent out a SCAM WARNING to its members.

As much as I want to stay neutral in this newsletter I cannot help but point out also the facts happening with the program. They are claiming that cash outs are still continually being processed with "transaction proofs" posted on their Facebook page but there is no way that we can really confirm that indeed these transactions are legitimate. Fact still remains that 711 Finance has stopped paying, and fact remains that investors are waiting for days now for their most beloved money. Per FAQ, all cash withdrawal requests will be processed within 24-48 hours max. This is not happening.

Much more, 711 Finance is actively promoting more than usual their Bonus 24 promo, which by the way requires you to deposit twice before you quality for the said 24% bonus. We might be seeing another impending form of publication to get more money into the program. In fact, as I visit their program today their automated chatbox is there again reminding everyone that there is still time to catch up for the said promo and you can still avail it. Now this makes me more suspicious. I though the promo's deadline is up already and I am not sure if some of us happens to missed the overly emphasized message in the daily newsletters being sent.

I tried to contact their admin, Amanda Russel, through the email that she gave to me in case there are issues needing immediate actions but ended in vain. I did an attempt to get hold of their admin team also by sending out multiple escalation tickets but no sign of the usual fast and reliable support and response they exhibit before they decide to stop paying.

As I've mentioned before, I would normally not take much comment on this newsletter but this is just something I have not seen in a while in the industry. The very intriguing part of this newsletter is a declaration of war to another admin. 711 Finance claims that they know the real identity of the admin and owner of SkyCrown Capital Mgt, a very successful and big program now and is of course one of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS, and that the said owner is a well known scammer. In fact, 711 Finance also claimed that the said same person is also the admin and owner of another very successful program which is the Carbon Deals. Looking at the backgrounds of these two programs - SkyCrown Capital Mgt and Carbon Deals, it is really hard not to get jealous of these very young but very successful programs already. As for the admins, I am not sure as to how valid and true 711 Finance's claims are but KUDOS to the two programs for handling this issue in as much professional way as you could.

For me, it really is very ironic to call currently very active and paying programs as scammers when 711 Finance themselves are currently not paying. Needless to say, I think you my loyal readers know how to go about this mayhem and know who you can trust or to believe or not.

About 2 hours since 711 Finance dropped a bomb, SkyCrown Capital came into picture and sent out their own newsletter in response to clear the air out. The action has then been followed briefly by the very busy admin of Carbon Deals. In fairness to these two, they managed to briefly but effectively defend each ones disposition.

Unfortunately, as of the moment, we do not know yet as to what is the nature or motive behind the sending of the very first newsletter by 711 Finance. We are also not certain on the validity of their claim since there is no way that we can. After all, as claimed by 711 Finance they have proofs to back their accusations to the community if ever asked for. Does this involve sending them another email and ticket? Because if it does then I won't hope to get a response from them. After all, I have sent multiple tickets already to them which were not entertained.

My dear followers, is it now up to you as to who to believe. Rest assured that we will try to get any latest news and updates or developments with regard to this issue if ever there is! As for me, if I still won't be hearing from 711 Finance, then expect that you will no longer be seeing any advertisement banners from them nor will they still be included in the rankings of TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS.

Here is the enire newsletter:
"=== Do not ignore this email === SCAM WARNING : The New "" = run by SCAM Admin Nick, who is currently scamming with
DO NOT INVEST IN CARBONDEALS.NET ( same scam admin as in )

Dear 711Members and Investors
A new Program popped up a few days ago, and as you all know I am well 
connected. It is safe to say, that this new program is run by the same admin who
is just about to scam So here again:

The Admin called "NICK" is owner of currently scamming program SKYCROWN.COM
and The very same Admin just opened a few days ago a new program called
That is valuable information from the inside of his team, so this info is 100% true and valid.
"Nick" stopped paying members, and used / is using their money to pay massive advertisement (actually 10s of thousands of dollars ) for his new toy called

For more info on that, try to contact support of those programs, but more importantly, share this info to all your friends and downlines.

The smart admin "NICK" was not so smart as he invested even in 711Finance huge amounts of his members hard earned money.

We do have recorded details of from where he accessed our site so if anyone is interested to find out his real location to get hold of him and your money, you can contact me ad AT
Kind regards,
David Zeek
711Security Department"

"Recent Bad Press
Dear Members,
There have been rumors circulating recently according to which we are about to scam our investors, we are associated with carbondeals and we invest our funds in other projects.
There is no need for concern, as nothing could be further from the truth. These fake rumors have been generated by the clearly jealous and unhappy administrator of 711finance
We think this person is more upset by her own lack of success rather than by the bright future skycrown has in front. 
The rumors are pure nonsense. We have no intention of going anywhere, we are paying regularly and fast as usual. 
We have never invested in 711finance or any other project and we are not associated with carbondeals in any way. 
This disgusting move made by the administrator of 711 finance, which mind you, is supposed to be a German woman, speaks volumes about her lack of integrity and spine. This is absolutely no way for a woman to behave and is totally against the way Germans are raised and schooled. 
We are really saddened by this attack and would like to transmit all our best wishes to the administrator of 711 finance, Amanda. She is clearly an unhappy and angry soul. 
We hope you get well soon, Amanda. This is no way for a sane and healthy human being to behave.
Warm Regards,
Nick Seltzer
Online Identity Manager
Skycrown Capital Management"

"Defamation Attempt
Esteemed Members, 
There is currently an attempt at defamation against us and other successful investment firms, as I am sure you are aware of. I have no time for this nonsense and find it ridiculous. But I feel the air needs to be cleared. I have nothing against being associated with Nick from Skycrown as he seem to be competent and honest. But saying about carbondeals that it is someone elses work and not our own is unacceptable. The truth is we are the fastest growing new opportunity on the market and absolutely everyone is interested. This also includes scum, so some amount of slander is to be expected. I will not drag carbondeals through the mud and lower myself to getting involved in any form of scandal. Our member deserve better than that.Thank you all for the amazing support you are showing. You are all going to be more than happy with our service.
Best Regards, 
Peter Neperus"

Benson Union Cash and Prizes Giveaway Results
On another note, we also received a newsletter from one of our long time running TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM, Benson Union, regarding the release of the results to their referral contest.

With the extravagant prizes available, I cannot help but comment on how fast the promo ended. Looking back, the said promo lasted for only two or three days. Is the whole point of announcing a promo and ending it in a just a very short period of time?

Last October 17, 2012, they announced that they will be conducting a referral contest, and today, November 19, 2012 they already have a winner. Yes I did feel a bit excited about it for a brief period but it didn't even last that long for me to really go for it!

It is up to you guys as to how you are going to look into this latest announcement of theirs.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear investors! We already selected winners for cash & prizes giveaway. The special page with winners list and results will be published on Benson Union website on Monday. There will be 3 iPhones 5, 2 iPads and cash prizes for 5 investors and one regional representative! Stay tuned!"

Perfect Finance's Second Newsletter Released
Now I am convinced at this point, my hopefulness of having another silent and relaxing day in the HYIP industry is nothing but a dream. LOL

At least this next newsletter is a breather in some sort of in comparison to all those negative vibes so lets shake them off for now!

Perfect Finance, one of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS released their second newsletter today. This time around, it is solely directed towards their existing members. Perfect Finace is a mid-long term program that offers 2.7-3% daily for 60 calendar days.Compounding is available and a principal return feature is also included at end of term. All cash out request are done instantly so this is a great plus for them and to the investors.

In relation to this, Perfect Finance is very proud to break in the news to the members that they have already reached the 5000 member milestone in the industry! In relation to this, Perfect Finance decided to show their utmost gratitude by improving their services by adding some more features to aid their members.
They have launched their Official news and annoucement website which is located here:

Everyone is reminded also on the importance of correct account details, most especially regarding their registered payment processors if they are requesting for cash outs. please also note that the minimum amount of withdrawal for STP and EgoPay is $0.50 and $1.00 respectively as per default requirement by the said payment processors.

Perfect Finance has already expanded their support department and contact methods. They can now be reached through their Indonesiand and ENglish 24/7 phone support facility (now this is something!). All other means of contacting them can also be found at More languages will soon be added and a live chat is also part of the said improvements.

Lastly, members are reminded as to how to properly use the built-in investment calculator. You can see the full details on the said newsletter.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello dear investors and promoters of Perfect Finance Limited,
This is our second newsletter addressed to all registered clients of our website. As always, you can read our newsletters and important updates at our official news page here:
We would like to announce a significant milestone and some important system upgrades we have recently performed.

1) Official news and announcements website has been launched!
As you may have noticed, this e-mail comes from domain, which, from now on, is our official news and announcements blog. It will be also used for sending newsletters via e-mail purposes. Please note it and pay attention to our newsletters as they may contain important and informative content you will find interesting and useful to read.

2) 5000 total clients registrations mark reached! We are proud and excited to announce that our investment program now has a total of 5000 registered members whereas almost 3000 have already deposited, at least once. We have been online only for almost three weeks but we have attracted a magnificent attention among online investors and potential ones. Currently we hold an total investment amount mark of $400,000 US (Four Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars). Our clients are truly enjoying the smooth investing and withdrawal procedure our investment program offers.

3) Reminder about SolidTrustPay and EgoPay minimum withdrawal amounts.
Although it's written in our FAQ, we would like to remind you that it's not possible to withdraw amounts less than $0.50 in SolidTrustPay and less than $1.00 in EgoPay. This is not our decision; it's these e-currencies stated rules. Such withdrawal requests are canceled and put back to your account balance. You need to collect appropriate amount and then request the withdrawal of funds.

4) Expanding the support department and contact methods. Indonesian and English phone support facility has been added that is available for your service at 24/7. Please locate all our current contact methods and details in our Support page here: We will be adding more languages soon for the live chat and telephone support. Our mission is to make our investment platform available and comfortable for everyone around the globe.

5) Reminder about our built-in investment calculator. We have received numerous support tickets regarding how to properly calculate their earnings with Perfect Finance. For this reason we have installed a easy-to-use investment calculator. You can locate it at the header of every page - "Deposit Calculator". Once you have opened it, you may click the specific date in the month as well as locate and select the last date (expiration) of your investment. You may now enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter the compounding rate (optional). Please note: if you're calculating the total return (by selecting the last date in the calendar), the amount calculator provides is including the principal already. Principal is paid back to you after the end of term - 60 calendar days.

Should you have any questions or doubts, feel free to respond to this e-mail directly. Your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated!

Have a nice weekend with your family or friends. And thank you for being the part of Perfect Finance investment company!
Best Regards,
Christopher Walters"

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