Friday, October 26, 2012

PrimeX7 Bonuses Now Sent

PrimeX7, current TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and our current featured program of the month and is offering 7% daily for 23 days or 157-307% for 7 to 28 days sends out a reminder to their members before ending the weekdays. You can see the full interview of their, Blue, here.

PrimeX7 has been growing tremendously fast lately and has been receiving very good reviews from their members. This is all thanks to the dynamic admin headed by Blue. PrimeX7 is once again reminding their members about the existing promo bonus of 7% for direct deposits from payment processors and 3.5% from account balances which will be lasting until the 31st of this month in celebration for the upcoming 1st month of the program.

As a weekly practice, she is also informing everyone that all transactions of Perfect Money and EgoPay have been processed while Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay are on progress.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

Hope you have enjoyed your 7% / 3.5% Extra Bonus for your deposit.
Perfect Money and EgoPay Withdrawals have all be processed.
LR and STP are still in progress.

Please be patient and we will not miss you request.
Enjoy the weekend and PrimeX7 are still working and paying during the weekend. 


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