Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Warning, Problem, Scam and Updates Report

Before we proceed with the formal weekly report, I would like to ask a minute of your time to please help pray for those victims of the Hurricane Sandy.

WEEKLY CLOSED HYIPS - DON'T INVEST!!! These programs have already been marked on the scam list by the monitoring boards!
Royal Union
Zoey Fund
Hot Best Fund
Golden Economy
Pana Business Co
Core Finance Provider
Finance Benefit
Extra Deposit
Profit - EU
Erupt Money
Afri Investment
Reactor Fund
Monetary Club

Selective Payment Report - These programs have been reported by our subscribers and with proofs. Some of these are still listed as paying in other monitors so make sure to read The HYIP Bulletin Scam and Problem Reports before investing!
Basic Winner
Core Finance Provider
Invest In Cars

Problem Status - These programs have been reported to have delays on pay-outs for whatever reasons it may be. In 1-2 days time these programs will now be marked under scam list if pay outs are still not delivered and the admins do not reply to us
Fx Capitalism
Online Increment
Royal Profit
Ponzi Invest
Debt Relief Limited
Global Banker
Martinika Invest
Global Concept
Eu Depositary
Brotex Finance
Monetary Club and Profita Limited are still trying to get new investors despite the fact that they are no longer paying. Watch out and do not fall into the trap!

If you have issues and/or concerns about programs on problem or selective paying or scam status, please notify us right away and as much as possible provide proofs so that we can help each other! Send me an email at admin@thehyipbulletin.com.

We are on the final stretch of our search for the very first TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM OF THE MONTH. Do not forget to vote for your favorite program!

Once again, before I end all notifications it is a must for me to remind everyone that the HYIP industry is a tricky one. Due to its uncertainty, everyone is REQUIRED to exercise due diligence before investing. Keep your investments within reasonable level and make sure that you are investing in a wide, diverse portfolio. But most important thing of them all is to always make sure that the amount you have invested is only an amount you are ready to lose.

Until the next report! Peace to all!

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