Thursday, October 25, 2012

Latest HYIP Added: Majestic Profits + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. MajesticProfits is a brand new program that opened two days ago. It offers six investment plans and varies depending on how much you are going to deposit.

The minimum amount for deposit starts at $20 and with 2.8% daily interest for 65 calendar days and goes as high as 5% daily for a $10001 deposit.

MP JUNIOR2.8% daily65 days$20 $1,500
MP START2.9% daily65 days$1,501 $3,000
MP POPULAR3.0% daily65 days$3,001 $5,000
MP ADVANCE3.5% daily65 days$5,001 $7,500
MP PERFECT4.0% daily65 days$7,501 $10,000
MP PRO5.0% daily65 days$10,001 No limit

One thing that also sets MajesticProfits apart is the 4-level referral system. Unlike other referral systems, there is a limit to how many referrals can be registered in a specific level. Level A offers 6% for 1-10 referrals, Level B offers 5% for 11-15 referrals , Level C offers 4% for 16-22 referrals and Level D offers 2% for 23 up referrals. It also ALLOWS multiple accounts in one IP address which is actually rare in the industry.

Although I am not a fan of compounding, MajesticProfits has a compounding feature which you can set up at desired rate. They also offer principal return feature at the end of term. This will then give you further good earnings upon maturity.

MajesticProfits accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and BankWire Deposits. For cash-outs, you will be able to receive your requested amount either instantly or within the next 12 hours if the instant feature fails with a minimum of $0.01 required to make a request.

On the technical side, MajesticProfit runs off with a licensed GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-encrypted by the now very established Comodo to protect your personal information. It is also hosted by a dedicated server of AntiDdos.

The wordings of the said site are pretty mashed up. This means that you can notice some copy-paste sentences common on different programs, so I will not go further in this section.

For support, you can either reach them through a live chat support (unfortunately, I was never able to verify since I have not chat with the customer support despite having an "online" button and is only prompted to send a message instead) and an email support if they are not around. You can also reach them on their official Facebook website or follow them on their tweeter account.

But what I like most about MajesticProfits is that despite how young this mid-long term program is, it is already registered in multiple monitoring sites which is a big plus. In fact, this is one of the few programs that have so many monitoring sites registered right off the bat. We can have a good conclusion that enough time and marketing planning has been put into it  before its launching.

Nevertheless, since we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in MajesticProfits as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

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