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Daily News - Benson Union, 711 Finance & Carbon Deals

Hi to all the viewers and readers out there. First and foremost, I would to thank everyone because despite the fact that the site is new, there are so many support I am recieving and that traffic I am receiving each day is really unbelievable. I just can't help but talk about it today.

I decided to create this website last September and fact be told, this is the first HYIP website I created. Having been a long time HYIP player already, I have been wanting to do so but never got the courage until I can no longer resist the urge of creating one due to the "cheering team" supporting and encouraging me to do so.

Today, the website is officially one month old and I never expected that the website could rise to fame and become influencial in such a sort period of time.

I am also very glad that I am seeing a lot of supporters who are very eager to know about the current industries ranking. In fact I am receiving such inquiries on my inbox daily and can barely read all of them. I hope most of you understand why I cannot reply to your inquiries right away. After all, I am just one person! :-) Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Rest assured that I will do my best to continue providing excellent service for you guys!

On to our daily news updates, today was supposed to be a normal middle of the week day. Much to my surpise, a sudden flood of newsupdates came popping in to my inbox. And yes, I was like - WOW that much to write? Well, I am sure everyone are very eager to know about the daily news and due to the information overload it could give you, like how it did to me, I will be writing about the newsletters which I think you guys will be more interested with. I apologize for not having to write all of them since there is just too much for today. I will try to write about it tomorrow.

Benson Union's Latest Cash and Prizes Promo
Benson Union, one of our Top 5 and perhaps the Longest Running Most Favorite Programs sent out a newsletter today informing everyone about their latest promo - Cash & Prizes Give Away from Benson Union. Benson Union is a long term program offering 1.2% - 2.45% daily for 170 business days. They also offer a principal back and is very proud of their instant cash out system. Ever since I became a member of the Benson Union, I haven't had experienced any majoy problems with them. Pay out is always one time and always instant. In the diverse and uncertain industry such as HYIP, Benson Union has proven themselves that they can indeed last for a while. Directing back to the latest newsletter, Benson Union announces a very extravangant promo for their members. They are offering 3 iPhones 5 (OMG!!!!), 2 iPads (can't they be more convincing!!!!) and the following cash prices (gosh they are rich!): one $500 prize and four $100 prizes. Representative of the month will be rewarded with $500 as well. To join the said promo, you simply have to have an account in Benson Union (of course) and just do referrals - lots of them, or simply do more investments. The more you invest or the more people you refer the program to, the higher your chances of winning! Isn't it extravagant!
Here is the entire newsletter:

"Dear investors! Benson Union informs about Cash&Prizes giveaway! There will be 3 iPhones 5, 2 iPads and following cash prizes: one $500 prize and four $100 prizes. Representative of the month will be rewarded with $500 as well. The rules are simple! The more you invest or the more people you refer to Benson Union, the more chances to win! The winners list will be published on the website on Monday afternoon. iPhones and iPads will be shipped to our winners via DHL right away! Stay tuned for next updates from Benson Union!"

711 Finance, Last Call for the 24% Bonus Offers
We received another update from 711 Finance today reminding members of the need to do immediate deposits to be qualified for the 24% bonus. For those who do not know, you can read about the 24% bonus promo here.

Unfortunately, since there are reports claiming that 711 Finance is not paying as of the moment and will return to paying status AFTER the said promo which is on October 19 (explained here), I personally cannot give my approval to depositing further. Our priority is to protect everyone's investment and taking more uncertain risks is the last thing we want to put in our minds. Nevertheless, it is for you my loyal readers to decide.

Here si the entire newsletter:
"24% One-Time-Bonus Offer is about to expire in 1 day - hurry up - last call ... !!!
Update 17-October-2012: Bonus24% offer is going to be removed on
18th of October 2012 ( tomorrow )
General Rule: You will get your bonus, if your 2nd deposit is done latest until 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM
You can read this info on our BonusPage

Our 24% one time bonus had been originally created in the early days of 711Finance, back in July 2012, as an incentive to first time members and to help to make a decision to invest in 711Finance.
It is safe to say, that by now 711 reached a certain amount of public awareness and popularity. As a direct result, I have decided to take away our Bonus24 offer.

*** Deadline is 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM (23.59.59)SERVER TIME GMT ***
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.

Most common bonus questions are answered here:
1. Who will still have a chance to get the 24% bonus ?
Everyone, who is investor of 711Finance, and who has at least 2 investments made until deadline.
a) If you are not a 711member yet, you can register for free, and place 2 (two!) deposits until deadline, and you will receive your 24% bonus.
b) If you are a member, but did not deposits yet, you can place until dealine 2 (two!) deposits, and you will receive your 24% bonus.
c) If you are an investor with one deposit only, you can place until dealine your 2nd (second!) deposit, and you will receive your 24% bonus.

2. Who will *not* get the 24% bonus ?
a) If you did not do any investments nor plan to do them (obviously).
b) If you did only 1 investment yet, and if you gonna miss do to your 2nd investment until deadline.
c) If you have already gotten your bonus.

If you are one of those, who want the bonus, follow this simple steps:
1. If you are not a member yet, register your member account, and do 2 deposits until deadline.
... be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24% bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.

2. If you are already a member but did not make any deposit yet, simply do 2 deposits until deadline.
... again, be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24% bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.
3. If you are already a member and did only 1 deposit yet, simply do a 2nd (second!) deposit until deadline.
... the second deposit can be as small as $7 or as big as you wish.

All members who have already made 2 deposits, will of course receive their bonusses!
24% Bonus is paid, 12 days after your second investment expires. When this time has come you are requested to
Email us to our new email address
[ *** *** ]to claim your bonus.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

Carbon Deals Reaching Milestones In a Brief Period
Carbon Deals, one of the fastest moving program to reach our Most Favorite Program rankings has reached the 1000 members milestone in less than a week! It is of no wonder to those who are really following our Survey Poll that you can visibly notice how this new program emerge out of nowhere in just a span of less than a week. Offering a wide variety of plans of 108% after 1 week, 10% for 2 weeks + principal back, 5.2% for 28 days, 4.2% for 42 days, 3.8% for 56 days, 3.6% for 70 days, this programs surely made a big hit at the start in the industry. One thing that sets Carbon Deals apart from the other competitors is their website. They run on a modified but licensed ProBiz script with full SSL-encryption of both public and private members only areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions (ProBiz Script is one of the most expensive Scripts in the industry). They are hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoS attacks by BlackLotus. Indeed you can say that their website is above average in comparison to other HYIP websites.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Esteemed Members, 

During these first few days online, we have barely had time to breathe. Our rate of growth is simply astonishing, surpassing even our wildest expectations. 
With all due respect to seniority, we would like to say that Carbondeals is the fastest growing opportunity available today. 
We have passed the 1000 members milestone and numbers are constantly accelerating.

Due to the very high exposure we are getting, your help would be greatly appreciated, to keep everything running as smoothly as possible:

1. Please make sure you have entered your correct payment processor account under Your Details. It must be the same account you will be depositing from for the deposit to be processed correctly. Needless to say it must be correct for you to receive cashouts. Please double-check.

2. Your daily earnings are generated at slightly fluctuating intervals each day. Please be patient when waiting for one to arrive. 24 hours will not pass without you having received a payment and the investment will not expire without you having received the entire profit you are due. 

We will also have 1 hour downtime on Saturday, for routine maintenance, to ensure good ongoing functionality. 

Thank you for choosing Carbon Deals. I am sure you are all going to be very happy with our service.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

PrimeX 7 Now in Facebook and DreamTeamMoney
PrimeX 7, last week's most improved Program from our Most Favorite Programs sents out another newsletter today about their new facebook fan page and also their active involvement in one of the famous HYIP forums in the industry, DreamTeamMoney. PrimeX 7 offers 7% daily for 28 days and a referral of 7%. No wonder it is called PrimeX 7.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin,

Just two things would love to update our members.

First of all, we have added a direct link to our Facebook Page on the PrimeX7 Homepage, please give a click and a LIKE and feel free to share with your friend.

Second, we have Purchased a TEN (10) days banner advertisement slot in DTM (DreamTeamMoney). Your payment is very important for us to be stronger and stronger, you can find the direct link here

Have a good day.Cheers,
Admin - Blue"

AgroFinance Adds Live Chat, Skype and Phone Support AgroFinance, one of the latest that has join of Top MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS and one of the latest programs in the industry has released its latest newsletter today. They have fostered their support system by adding Live Chat, Skype and Phone support. This options are now available under the Support Center button at the top right corner of Agrofinance website. You can also contact them with the traditional means of communication know in the HYIP indusry such as emails, Facebook and Twitter.
AgroFinance accepts EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney to a huge variety of plans all paying on expiry –105%-125% after 1 day, 111%-160% after 2 days, 123%-235% after 4 days, 136%-325% after 6 days,180%-570% after 12 days, 210%-750% after 16 days, 350%-1600% after 32 days, 1200%-3300% after 64 days, 500% after 3 days, 1200% after 7 days, 4700%-5000% after 72 days, 8000%-8888% after 88 days.

As the company claims, AgroFinance is an extremely big corporation that focuses on managing agricultural real estate, offering some extremely unique investment opportunities to clients. The corporation actually deals with the management of funds worth up to $1.5 billion for current investors. This include around 220,000 acres of land in the U.S, most of which can be considered to be prime land
Here is today's newsletter from them:

"Live Chat, Skype and Phone support added.
Hello dear investors! We are happy to announce that there are new features added on our website: Live Chat, Skype and Phone support. We believe that the communication is the best step to get closer towards our investors and it may solve as well any problem that you would encounter.
Now you have not to wait for a long time for the reply from our Support team. You can Call us, Chat with us on Live Chat and You will be able to Skype with us too. We wish you all a good profit in our project and as we have added Live Chat, Phone Support and Skype, you will get the fast support on any problem you face in our program. As well you may give us your suggestions concerning our website."

ROInvestment Now On Scam Status
It is sad to break in this news but we received a confirmation today that ROInvestment is now on scam status. It was originally built to be a long term program. About 2-3 days ago, they have stopped the instant payment and has finally pulled the plug. It was a total disappointment on my part too since I have had hopes on that program. There is just too much untapped potential and it was such a waste of time. The program lasted for only 25 days and the excitedment they have cause in the industry from their "pre-launching" phase was an addition to the injury. I really hope and pray that most of you guys did not lost too much on that program. Unfortunately, the site is still up so for those of you know people still panning to invest in the said progrm, please stop them ASAP! Do not investment on them anymore!

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