Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finvance Server Downtime

Finvance as we all know by know has become one of the most successful program in the HYIP industry. The program is offering one investment plan which is 8% per day for 20 business days and has been online for 105 days now.

Unfortunately, Mark, the admin of Finvance, reported that their server experienced some severe attack on BlockDos’ DNS infrastructure which prompted them to update the DNS servers. This is the reason as to why the website cannot be accessed as of the moment.

While the propagation of the new DNS is ongoing, Mark is also happy to announce that the fixing of their Currency Exchange feature is now back up and functional.


  1. 3% of your investment Monday - Friday, run up to 90 days

  2. blah blah blah..same old story,... dont you realized that people? the longer the program has been running, the more likely they accumulate company loses. As time goes by, there will be lesser funds coming in compared to going out plus too many withdrawals and they will have no other choice but to shut down. mark my word.

  3. Finvance has other sources. What you think? Other programs with such high interest doesn't last for more than a month. Finvance on the other hand has been delivering for 3 months now. So think. Programs that breaks the first month has a higher chance of running longer.

  4. as for me, straightforward IF ever the program goes down would not say that it was a failure in fact it is the other way around. they have already proven to many that they have sustained. they performed way better than the rest