Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HYIP New Scam List 10/23/2012

Unlike last week, we have few number of programs on the program and closure section. Nevertheless, we should always consider the fact that programs in these sections is very dangerous for investing unless you want to toss your money to them for free.

By definition, problem programs are programs having a delay in pay-out for about 1-2 days time regardless of whatever reason that is (valid or invalid). A pay-out is considered delay if it has passed the pay-out period specified by the program in their FAQ.

On the other hand, closure programs are programs that have already passed more than 2 days without payment and have not explained their side upon attempt of contact.

Here are the lists for last week:

Agro Finance - not paying
JM Fund - not paying
Oil Gold Money - not paying
Online Raise - not paying
Model Fund - not paying
Clean Energy Fund - not paying
Reactor Fund - not paying
CNN Inv - not paying
Martinika Invest - not paying
Libertyreserve Capital - not paying
Best Time Profit - not paying
Mutual-Capital - not paying
Extra Deposit - not paying
Smart Profit - not paying
Aro Investment - not paying
GainBank - not paying 

Invs (13 days)
RIGHTfive (67 days)
Fresh Capitals (30 days)
LibertyPool (20 days)
Solid Progress (8 days)
GBfin Corp (21 days)
Mobile Finance Fund (5 days)
Hourly Benefit (7 days)
Secure Cash Flow (11 days)
Paco Funds (8 days)
Mass Auto Pay (13 days)
Benefit 20 Days (15 days)
Netdeal Club (32 days)

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