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Money News Online Temporarily Down and Daily News and Updates 10/20/12

MNO and other AntiDDos Running Programs Temporarily Down! | Newsletter: TivSol Daily News Update & PrimeX7 Exclusive Interview with Featured Program Of the Month Admin - Blue of PrimeX7
(After the hectic day yesterday in the industry, today is unusually peaceful and quiet. I am glad to see that so far I received few reminders on today’s newsletter section. And thus lesser work and more personal time for me!) This was the first paragraph that I was writing and is about to publish until all the other news flood in later today.

MNO and other AntiDDos Running Programs are Temporarily Down!
Money News Online, one of the leading HYIP monitor, blog and news provider in the industry and one of The HYIP Bulletin's major partners is experiencing temporary server down time. Currently the site is inaccessible. Paul Abramson, owner of MNO informed me that the reason behind is a massive DDoS attack on the servers of AntiDDos where MNO is hosted. MNO was previously hosted by Dragonara but due to the extended restrictions of the terms of service by the said hosting company for HYIP programs, Paul was forced to choose AntiDDos who also had a very good record when it comes to its security and protection for such attacks. Unfortunately, the attack this time is just too massive. Nevertheless, I am confident that with AntiDDos' mitigation skills in handling such issue, everything will fixed in the soonest possible time.

Thus, all programs run by AntiDDos are also affected. Some of the noted programs are the following: AgroFinance, PerfectFinance, RoyalUnion, ProForeUnion.

I really do hope that this will not cause much of a panic to our investors and that AntiDDos will be able to sort out this issue right away. Lastly, that this will not be an excuse for the HYIP admins to close down their programs and use it as an excuse for scamming.

PrimeX7 Newsletter: Security Password & Payment Processor Details
PrimeX7, a middle term program offering 7% for 23 days, and 157%, 207%, 267%, and 307% after 7, 14, 21 and 28 days respectively, released a newsletter to remind their members about the importance of correct and accurate account information. This is specially  true on the security of unique and secure account password and correct payment processors registered on the account.

The PrimeX7 Admin also took the chance of expressing their delight in the over-all growth and accomplishments of their program after 3 weeks in the industry and they want to return the favor for the support of their members through a timely delivery of cash out requests. To help them do so, they are requesting everyone’s cooperation in making sure that the registered payment processors of their account are correct. Common reasons as to why the cash outs are delayed is because of this and that the technical team has to contact the account owners for verification and information processing for extra protection. Currently 20% of the total accounts are having this said issue and since the process is done manually, it can take some time finish. Fortunately, all issues are now addressed.

In fairness to PrimeX7, I believe that this newsletter is nothing but good news for them and to their program too. We are currently  seeing more active and progressive developments from their program and I wish and hope that this will go on as time goes by. Perhaps, this is what they meant when they said in the beginning – ONLY TIME CAN TELL.

So from The HYIP Bulletin, we wish you nothing more but success!

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Hello The HYIP Bulletin 
To start the weekend, there are two things we need to remind our members.
First thing will be your personal profile setting. Please make sure you have a highly secure password. Never use your date of birth or same password as other programs. Try to use number, symbol, upper & lower case as a combination as your password. We have currently suspected a few accounts which have a very poor password combination, for your own benefit, please kindly bare this in mind.
Second, some payment was delayed lately, the reason for that is because of WRONG details for the payment processor. 

Example 1, STP username is NOT in Email format !!!!
Example 2, request LR but you only have Egopay details.

Currently we have around 20% of wrong information which delayed the payment processing as we have to contact the account owner for verification and information amendment. Before you are asking for withdrawal, please kindly reconfirm that you have fill in the correct information. We love to pay you within our promised timeframe, but we also need your cooperation. 
Have a good weekend and please double check your profile setting.
Also do not forget to LIKE us

PrimeX7 Exclusive Interview with Featured Program Of the Month Admin - Blue of PrimeX7
Today we were previledged enought to be able to conduct an interview with the admin of PrimeX7. See the full interview in the Featured HYIP section.

Daily News and Update from TivSol
We received today a Daily News Update from one of the latest added program TivSol, see review here.
It contains some reminders about the now available currency exchange feature. It also reminds us about how their different plans work, most specially their surfing plan. After surfing for the required 10 ads per day, the said crediting of your account wil then be down 24 hours after. If in the even that you did not receive your daily earnings, please do send out ticket regard the said issue. They also are informing us that after just 2 days, they have already reached the 2000 members milestone! This is worth taking into note since not all can achieve such feat! Lastly, a brief reminder of how funding is done is also included.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear TivSol Members;
Company Update
        Our company has been receiving positive feedback from the online community, Our company has reach almost 2,000 members in just2 days since we open our online portal to online investors, We would like to thanks everyone who promotes and share our online investment portal.

Members Update
1.        Payment Processors - If you want to change your E-Currency Account, You will need to contact our support team to change it for you. You will need to provide your name, username, and account ID to the Customer Assistant for verification. 

2.        Earnings – All Earnings for both Surfing and Non-surfing plan will be posted after 24 hours from the time of your deposit. For Surfing plan, you need to surf 10 sites for that day to be credited after 24 hours.

3.        Account Funding and Investment – For ACCCOUNT FUNDING, you need to click deposit link on your member’s area, after that you need to make an investment and choose your desired plan. Please take note, that Account funding is just funding your wallet balance, you need to use those balance to make an INVESTMENT. 

4.        Exchange – We are offering e-currency exchange services to our members, to make an exchange kindly send email to

Customer Service Updates
        Our Support team is handling all account related issues in timely manner, for all advertising offers, please email your offer at 
Financial Team Updates

        All Withdrawals are being process continuously, so you should receive your withdrawal request within 1 – 24 hours.

      Except greater happening in Tivsol and thanks for your patronage. 

Tivsol Administration
Mailing Address: 145-157 ST JOHN STREET LONDON,
ENGLAND, EC1V4PW, United Kingdom. 
Phone Number: +4472070971877"

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