Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pips Fund Celebrates 2 months!

Pips Fund is one of the long term investment programs running successfully up until today. They have been online now for 2 months and is offering 2% daily.

Here is a newsletter from them:
"Dear Investor,

It is a great pleasure for us to say that Pips Fund is now approaching two full months of online activity and our results so far couldn't be any better. As we compose this newsletter, we have over 165k in total deposits and over 4000 registered members, surpassing our goals for the given period by over 50% in terms of number of registered members. Over 2300 of this 4000 registered members have at least one active investment and a rough estimative says we have around 400 investors already in profit.

We established long term goals for Pips Fund and the results we had for these first two months give us a very positive perspective of what is coming our way. By the time we write you our next newsletter, which should be in about two months from now, we expect to have at least 500 members in profit.

Some of you may have noticed a few instabilities in our server last week and the main reason for that is that we were transferring our data center to a stronger and even safer host provider and also acquiring anti ddos attack protection from BlockDos instead of our old provider since they are more reliable and have a much better uptime. We expect an even better uptime from now on and we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

With the elections in the USA, the USD/GBP market has been a little reluctant in the past few weeks as there are many uncertainties that cannot be perfectly quantified with financial indicators but still our profit level points up since our trading strategy combines both graphical and technical analysis and our technical knowledge takes into consideration political aspects of any type since they can have a huge influence on financial markets such as Forex but even given these small issues with the market lately, our traders have managed to keep our profit curve pointing straight up. Loosing is a part of Forex trading but ending up the day in a positive way is a part of our goal and so far we managed it with great success.

The main reason to launch our representatives program was to increase the rate of investors joining PipsFund who are directly referred by another investor and indeed now over 82% of our investors have been directly referred, instead of the 70% we had before its launching. Right now we have over 100 representatives from 40 different countries and some of them have sent us some links for the activities they have been developing in their home countries such as blogs about PipsFund, discussion boards, Facebook pages and groups, investment teams to help people earning also by referring new people to the business and private mail lists with the latest news about our program. These are some ideas for those of you who are a part of this privileged class of PipsFund investors. If you have something special and want to share it with us or if you need funding for a certain type of advertisement campaigns, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will discuss your idea in details to find a solution that fits us both.

Some of you who are in profit have sent us your success stories and plans for the money you are going to make with PipsFund and your messages of this type are a huge incentive for our team. Of course we opened PipsFund to make money and decrease the investment risks for ourselves but after all, we are walking this path together and knowing that you, our partners, are making money, only means that so are we and that our business model is a complete success. The path is long and it will take years of hard work and obstacles crossing to reach the top but our team gets stronger and stronger every day, giving us a huge confidence level to be get there. In fact, time goes by so fast when we are busy that these two months online passed by so fast and that's the reflection of the hard work we have been putting into it.

We appreciate what you have been doing for PipsFund so far and we will make everything impossible to make sure all of you will achieve and/or create new financial goals by taking part in this venture.

We wish you all a great week,
PipsFund Administrator
Jerry Huggins"

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