Friday, October 26, 2012

NewGNi Newsletter

One of out TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and can be considered as one of the legendary HYIP because of the longevity and stability of the program has sent out a newsletter after a long silence.

NewGNi, perhaps the longest running program offering 1% daily or 6% weekly with an option for principal returned after 180 days, in the industry wants to say hello to us all and of course the most effective way to do so is via a newsletter. The reason why we have not heard from there for a while is because of the fact that there is nothing much of a change that has happened in the program. It has remained strong and stable. Nevertheless, just like any good programs, it has to say its hi and hellos from time to time. 

Another good reason as to why NewGNi has sent out a newsletter is because of the fact that SolidTrustPay today cannot be access which leads to some delays in the payments. This definitely needs to be explained to the members of NewGNi or it could start a panic having the notion that it has been silent for a bit. This is to break that wrong idea.

Lastly, they are also reminding their members of the existing Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012. This is in connection to the new emerging payment processor who is become more and more popular. They will be giving out three lucky winners of $50 PexPay funds.

If you want to know more about the details of the said sweetstakes, you can be directed here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear clients, friends and fans 

After two weeks absence from sending out newsletters, I think it's time to touch base and to say Hello.

Nothing really happened during the last couple of weeks - so there was no need to issue a newsletter, but as we all know no news are good news!

We have achieved our goal of a very stable gradient growth over the last few months and are therefore very pleased how newGNi evolved during the course of 2012.

Now - while I am writing to you, Chris informed me that SolidTrust Pay is currently not loading, happened just during the time we usually process withdrawal requests. So if you are expecting a SolidTrust Pay withdrawal request - we will try again later and if we can't connect by then, we will process them by tomorrow morning. We won't let you wait until Monday!

Before I go, please allow me to remind you about our Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012:

This month we are giving away three times $50 in CASH to your PexPay account - the new emerging payment processor from the U.S., which is becoming more and more popular among our members. You can participate in our monthly competition here or via our Facebook page. The competition closes at noon (GMT) October 31th.

Until next time, take care and all the best,

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