Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ad Solid Invites All Monitors and Program Promoters for a Showdown

We program monitors received an email from the marketing department on one of the promising long term investment program this 2013 today. I am referring to no other than Ad Solid which was also interviewed here in The HYIP Bulletin few days ago (interview here) and is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS. The program has been in the industry for a total of 35 days now and has been INSTANTLY paying their partners and investors with 1.2% - 2.1% daily on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay and is on my PREMIUM enlistings. You can check out the program details, reviews and rating here.

I do understand that this information might not be much of a concern to everyone but please take it as something “unique and innovative” in this industry. Once again, Ad Solid has made a new style of promoting their program and we can look at this move as something positive.

Basically, it is like a referral program but is exclusive to the monitors, promoters and bloggers of the industry. The winner will be decided and a good incentive is rewarded to whoever gets the most number of referrals and cash deposits until the deadline which is set to begin by February 18, 2012, which is tomorrow, and ends after a total of 30 days running.

It is going to be a very good competition for those who are very competitive and that as early as now, I would like to give you a heads up that there might be a lot of “CHEERLEADERS out there” who is going to encourage you to invest on the program using their referral link. For those who have been in the industry for a while now, you do know that these cheerleaders are either “PAID BY THE ADMIN THEMSELVES” or could just be one of the “HARDCORE AFFILIATE MARKETING LOVER.” In any case, please DO NOT FORGET YOUR SOLE PURPOSE IN HERE before anything has happened and that always REMEMBER to properly assess the situation before doing an erratic investment.

Here is the entire program invite:
“Hello, dear admin!
We are pleased that we build a business with you

Please add the news about our project!

"Dear Partners

Thanks to your support, our project keeps developing at a rapid pace! Thank you for your work with us!
Many of you have already got payments in the amount of 10% of the funds raised by advertisers. It was decided by administration of the project to
hold a competition to attract a greater number of advertisers in <> and the winners will get cash prizes!

1) The contest will be held for 30 days.
2) Participants must draw new advertisers using their referral links.
3) The winner will get a percentage of the funds raised.
4) Funds raised from several advertisers are summed.
5) These prizes are immediately available to the withdrawal from the project.

The competition starts on February 18!

Percentage that we will pay to our partners from the amount invested in the project by advertisers.
First Place - 50%
Second place - 40%
Third place - 30%

Winners of the fourth to seventh place will get 20% of the funds invested by advertisers.
List of winners (after approval) will be published on the websites of our partners, as well as in the newsletter.

Good luck!"

Best regards

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