Friday, February 1, 2013

SureInv On Next Phase Program Promotion

We receive a program update on the highest Pay-Out Ration and current no.1 program here in The HYIP Bulletin today which is SureInv. The said program update is about the program promotions that was mentioned on the last newsletter and can also be referred as "the next phase of promoting SureInv." Do take note that the program was last December's Featured Program of the Month and that you can view SureInv Review and SureInv Admin Interview here in The HYIP Bulletin.

SureInv is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM and if you are not yet in, then make sure to sign up using my referral link FOR YOU TO REQUEST THE COMMISSIONS I RECEIVED from your deposits. 

SureInv has been paying for religiously their investors and partners online for 79 days now the three investment plans with 3.5% to 5% for up to 60 biz days and the payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and PexPay. A minimum amount of $10 is the only requirement to start investing in the program.

Once again, the newsletter has taken all the things that I want to comment out and TJ has very much explained thoroughly the details on the what, where, when and how of their new promotional programs.

However, I just want to point out that if you do follow the instructions then you can WIN A LOT OF PRIZES on not just one but THREE promotional programs being launched out for promoting SureInv:

1. Post, post, post… - simply post your cash out proofs in one of the public forums or in the monitors. Therefore I encourage everyone to post your cash out payment proofs in The HYIP Bulletin Monitor.

2. Forum signatures - if you are one of those who likes to stay and post something on the different forums, or simply are visiting the world of forums for the sake of being curious on what it is, it actually is like a community. There are a lot of stuff you can learn there too. You can also find the list of forums that you can promote SureInv in  The HYIP Bulletin Monitor. In this category, simply add your SureInv SIGNATURE with your referral link in it.

3. sureinv Facebook and/or Skype groups - last but not the least, if ever you have the skill of managing groups in Facebook, or the capacity to influence others, then you can use that skill to promote SureInv. You should take note of this since THIS HAS THE MOST POSSIBLE money dragged in. It is very much explained in a detailed manner to so I will just let you read it from the newsletter.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"News 1. February 2013
Hello all

Last week we have talked about a Client Promotion program, after receiving many emails from clients, asking if they can get actively engaged in promoting sureinv and if we are willing or able to offer incentives to those who do -- as one would expect, above the 5% referral commission already in place.

First things first: We are very happy with the gradual growth of sureinv. On the other side, to maintain it, advertising is without any question a necessity. Since we never know in advance if any advertising campaign is worth the $$ spent, we have drew up an action plan, with the objective to involve our clients in actively promoting sureinv and at the same time offering incentives in doing so.

To cut a long story short, we made up our minds and are glad to offer the following promotions for all our clients, active or inactive.

1. Post, post, post…

Never forget: We care about you as much as you care about us! So please do your part and say thank you, if you got paid. We think we can expect from our active clients to vote for us on one of the monitors, or to post a short payment notification in one of the forums or chartrooms -- or even on our Facebook page. Don't forget, we'll pay you back - daily!

All you need to do is to post if you got paid by sureinv in one of the public forums or monitors listed on our website here. Don't forget to include your sureinv username in the post to become part of the draw.

There will be three main prizes of $100, $50 and $20 and three consolation prizes of $10 each. All prizes will be paid direct to your payment processor account of choice.

The winners will be selected randomly by sureinv from a list of entries and all winners will be informed via email, using the email address we have on file. We will also publish links to the winners posts -- to make the entire contest transparent.

Closing date is February 28th and the winners will be announced on March, 1st.

2. Forum signatures

Now, this is a great one to promote sureinv, if you are a regular poster on public forums! Just add your sureinv referral link to your signature and keep posting -- in this case, it doesn't even matter for which program you're posting or if you have an active deposit with us or not, you will always promote sureinv as well! We've noticed, a lot of our clients are promoting us this way already. Thank you, and keep doing so -- you will be automatically added to the list of entries.

For the rest of you, just add your referral link to your signature -- some forums even allow banners to be added as well. You'll find our banners in your back office, already made up with your referral link.

For the forum signature contest we will grant three prizes of $200, $150 and $100 -- paid direct to your preferred payment processor account.

The winners will be selected randomly by sureinv from a list of entries and all winners will be informed via email, using the email address we have on file. We will also publish links to the winners posts -- to make the entire contest transparent.

Closing date is February 28th and the winners will be announced on March, 1st.

3. sureinv Facebook and/or Skype groups

This is a profitable one, for any engaged and serious promoter!

Like to manage your sureinv Facebook or Skype group? Just do it!

We understand from the feedback of our clients that there is some real need of sureinv chat groups in certain markets. So far we have received group requests for the English, Russian and Indonesian markets.

If you think you are capable of managing any Facebook or Skype group for sureinv, please contact us now via Email. Apart from allowances to market sureinv in your region, there will be a second tier ref commission of 3% granted as well, for all clients joining sureinv through the groups and paid to the group owner on top of the first tier 5% commission paid to the direct referrer. Also we will personally take part in all groups on a weekly base to support your group and our clients.

Let's get active now!

Whatever you are up to in the days ahead -- I hope its profitable.

With best regards,

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