Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PL Profits to Be Rebuilt - Program Moved to Waiting

I received the latest email update from the program PL Profits who unfortunately is also one of those who got hit by the massive DDOS attacks menacing the industry lately. The email sent out by Tony, the program is also the basis for me as to why I need to move the program on waiting status for the time being.

In case you were not able to follow the series of unfortunate events, here are the things that has happened. A couple of days ago, the program was hit by a massively launched DDOS attack. There are a huge number of programs who were hit, including the programs TrackInv and Stravia as an example, but the most damaged program of them all is no other than PL Profits who despite successfully transferring to a new server gets attacked AGAIN!

As soon as the admin found about the issue of his program's website, which was down again for the second time around he basically had to send emails up to the point that the emails were considered as "spams" by the host provider. Now it is NOT YET CLEAR if those were really multiple emails sent by Tony or simply just the actually DDOS attacks done by the hackers. As a "break on the terms and conditions" set by the provider, they are holding the program in place and that a migration is no longer possible. This will then MARK THE CLOSURE OF CHAPTER 1 for the program PL Profits. HOWEVER, this is not the end for PL Profits yet since THERE IS STILL HOPE for those who have not yet profited from the program.

The lighter side of this story is that Tony was able to keep a backup on the database of all the accounts and thus account balances and account information are still at hand. Tony also is going to create the CHAPTER 2 of PL Profits which will be launched according to his estimates within 2-3 days from now.

I hope that this will really be the case and if it ever will be then it is going to be a happy ending for us all on these chapter of PL Profits. For the time being, I will be moving the program to WAITING STATUS. DO NOT INVEST YET until further issues have been resolved.

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Here is the entire email sent:
We have hit a problem whilst moving sever, our present hosts are claiming that we broke their terms by sending lots of spam, we think it is because they could not handle our DDOS attack, anyway they refuse to let us access to the links we require and because the site is switched off we can't use our own backup links, so here is what we are going to do over the next 2/3 days, our programmer will re build the site on the highest possible protection, I have a full backup of the database so everything is still there and will not be a problem. We ask that you stick with us whilst we do this rebuild and expect payments to resume by the weekend, of course we understand if you are not happy and we will be happy to issue refunds to anyone who requests one, the refunds will be subject to a small Admin fee and less any payments we have made. We hope you will stick with us and would love to have your feedback. All payments including refunds will commence at the weekend.

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