Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free $10 Try Out from PL Profits

It looks like PL Profits has bring up the competition into a new standards this 2013 as the present a free $10 to all the members who will be signing up until this Monday as a form of thanksgiving to their members.

On the other hand, they are also being threatened by 2 investors who claims to have done some huge cash deposits. But when asked with any proofs on the said cash deposits, contradicting information are provided by the said "victim."

I personally do not know who the victim in the situation is, but in any case such particular incident may or may not directly affect the program. One thing is for sure though, PL Profits can use it for publicity and regardless of what the result it, it makes people know more about PL Profits.

PL Profits is also part of my Premium Enlisting programs and is also part of The HYIP Bulletin Referral Commissions Back Programs. You can check out PL Profits Programs Details, including its review here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Our steady growth continues with new members joining daily and investments increasing, that is just how we planned things. All payments are up to date and we want to remind you that there is no interest paid at weekends when our team are busy with the many football games taking place.

We had two annoying e-mails from different people, both saying that they had invested a large sum of money via LR and it had not registered in their accounts, when we checked no money had arrived in our LR and in both cases the screenshots they sent us were tampered with as the times did not match the details they sent, both of these members threatened to post negatives unless we credited their accounts. We can\'t believe some of the tricks people get up to trying to extract money from us. We are running a good honest service and everyone gets paid so we expect our members to be honest as well. We have good security measures and you can be assured we will not be giving money to fraudsters.

Anyway apart from that it\'s been very much a good week here and because of this we have decided to give all investors who have invested $20 or more (Except Monitors) a bonus $10 deposit in the daily plan. This will be added on Monday after the weekend betting is complete, this will give members who have not yet invested a chance to give us a try by making an investment or anyone with just a $10 investment to upgrade a little to take advantage. This is not a gimmick just a genuine thank you bonus for helping to make Premier League Profits one of the leading arbitrage betting platforms. So you have until Monday evening to invest but for members already in with $20 or over you need do nothing as your accounts will automatically be credited with your new investment.

That is all for this week and we hope you have great weekend and enjoy your bonus.


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