Friday, February 8, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Diamond Asset Scam Status

I regret to inform that more than 24 hours has passed since I got paid by the program Diamond Asset. An attempt to get hold of the program admin has been done but unfortunately there was no response received. This caused me to move the program to SCAM STATUS.


Having been online in the industry for 160 business days prior to the scam, I would have to say that the program is still a success for those who were able to join and invest in the program. But like any other programs in the industry, good things does not necessarily last here. Hard but true, we are then reminded about the true face of this industry. Once again, DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

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  1. I think Hyip Monitor is the best way to monitor a HYIP Program.