Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Green Round Move to Scam

We received a newsletter from the program of Green Round that his/her program has already ended. The reason for the pulling of the plug of the program is due to the alleged "stealing" of the programs funds.

This only shows us once again of the harsh reality of the HYIP industry. Thus please be reminded once again  of how important it is to always maintain a secure and safe account protection and always protect your passwords or data during browsing. There are a lot of free applications that can help you with this too.

Be the claim of the stealing or hacking of the programs account, in all fairness to the program admin, he/she had the decency to at least warn the members of the program to prevent from doing further investments.


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Here is the newsletter:
Dear everyone

We are very sorry to you, our all funds has been stolen by a ugly man form Poland, this program will stop soon, Do Not Deposit please!

You and me have a bad day, Sadly, but i wish you have a good day soon.

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