Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top HYIP Rankings Chart Down for Improvements & Top Voters To Be Announce

As most of you noticed, the Top HYIP Ranking Chart which reflects the programs who are appearing in our Top HYIP Survey Poll is currently being taken down. Do take note however that the “CURRENT” Survey Poll is still up and running. I will also be taking form in a few days from now.

I am on the process of studying the different codes and scripts to program a better Survey Poll which is “DYNAMIC” and thus will help us a lot in determine as to which programs are excelling in the rankings which are already SORTED IN ORDER and most of all in REAL TIME.

While we wait for some results, and for me to get lucky on that “PERFECT SORTING TABLE-SURVEY SCRIPT” I am currently building and hoping to make, please do continue on voting for your favorite programs.

Also, SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS is to be announced with regard to this section soon as I declare the winners on our TOP VOTERS FOR THE MONTHS DECEMBER AND JANUARY!

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