Thursday, February 14, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Eurex Trade Now on Scam Status

Having been one of the longest ever running HYIP in the industry, the program Eurex Trade has finally pulled out the plug. Everything started when their site got a massive DDoS attack as claimed, which I personally believe is not the main reason.

As most of the more experienced members of the community, it is very obvious and apparent as to why the program has to end. Considering the fact that such great programs (long term programs) better in terms of giving out promising daily rates (of course we really cannot measure them as to how technically long lasting are they with Eurex Trade, thus I am simply comparing it with the daily rate plans offered) Eurex Trade has been put into the sides lately.

Not only is this the situation for the program, it is also very obvious that the admin was simply trying to "survive" on the later months last year. And another reason why we can concluded that the program has to end due to serious cash flow is the imbalanced cash in to the program and the cash outs to its massive and huge investors database.

Nevertheless, as what we have been experiencing again and again loosing one program in the industry that has been a very huge success will definitely create a huge space to be filled up with. I hope that the current programs right now will be a great and performing as with Eurex Trade.

Although I is very hard to say, I have of choice but to say this. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST FURTHER ON EUREX TRADE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

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