Monday, February 18, 2013

Perfect Forex Down for Transfer to New Server Provider

We received a newsletter update from the current top paying Short Term Investment Program Perfect Forex Biz. Earlier today the website was inaccessible. This is due to the fact that they are currently migrating the program into a better hosting and server provider in order to cater the growing need for more data memory so as to maintain the optimal performance of the program. Their web traffic statistics is also increasing day by day showing proofs that indeed the program has been getting more and more popular to both the new and old players of the industry. Do take note that Perfect Forex is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK program and the admin Jim Courtney has already been interviewed here in The HYIP Bulletin. (See interview here).

As the program grows older, more and more investors are being drawn by the program. Perfect Forex has been online and have been paying their investors and partners for a total of 35 days now. The program paying on the following investment plans 25% After 1 Day, 250% After 5 Days, 800% After 15. A minimum of $10 is required to start in the program on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrust Pay. You can check out the program details located in my monitor page.

Here is the entire newsletter:
As you can see our website been unavailable for a some time.
For now we are moved to a new server with more powerful and stability protection against DDoS attacks.
All requests will be processed within a 24-36 hours.
Thank you for your understanding and faith in our company. We are always trying to do only best work.

Yours truly,
Jim Courtney

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