Thursday, February 28, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Scam Warnings: Golden Payment for Scam Using Verify Your Account Variation Tactic

Please be aware that if you did receive an email similar to this one, NEVER follow what is being instructed of you. This is just one of the thousand more examples of scam tactics that was improvised from the famous "VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT" scam.

If you missed out my two write ups about the said scam tactics of this alluring but dangerous games, then make sure to do so now. Read them here (PART 1) &(PART 2).

I would like to remind everyone that this is a playground for all the hackers and scammers out there and they will do everything in that they can to deceive you.

This tactics include tempting you to do this and that with the promise of an "EASIER LIFE." With the unsuspected victim being fooled, the scammer gets to obtain all your important information as soon as you key in your username and password and within just a matter of seconds your $99,999,990 account balance is nothing else but only the $0.

If you do not want that that poor victim, or for someone else to be one then make sure to help desiminate and educate others.

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