Saturday, February 9, 2013

PL Profits Weekly Update and New Milestones

We received the weekly update of PL Profits today with regard to how is the program performing so far since launching. Do take note that PL Profits is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS and that you can see the program DETAILED REVIEW here.

The update is basically informing us that their new milestone is reaching a total of  over 1500 members and that they finally have as much as 500 active investors in PL Profits which is quite a feat considering that they just passed their 30 days online in the industry.

I will be conducting an interview with Tony, the admin of PL Profits within this week and hopefully you will be there to witness it. As per practice, I am accepting questions or inquiries that you want to ask him. Feel free to send it at my email at

You can see the full program details here.

1. Receive referral commissions back from The HYIP Bulletin RCB Program
2. Subscribe for FREE Daily News and Updates
3. Win CASH prizes WEEKLY!

4. The HYIP Bulletin Websites (Main, Blog, & Monitor)

Here is the entire newsletter:
We have very little to update you on this week as things are going very well and we are still growing at a steady pace and this week we passed three milestones, the first one was that we passed the 1500 member mark, then the next day we had our 500th Investor. We have also passed 30 days online.

Just to remind everyone that we do not pay interest on saturday or sunday on the daily plan but we do make payouts at weekend because many on weekly plans are getting interest paid at weekends and we want to pay you fast. 70% of our investors are in the weekly plan making it the most preferred plan.

We hope you have a perfect weekend and we look forward to making you more money next week and far beyond.


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