Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PL Profits Down Due to DDOS Attack for the Second Time

Unfortunately, it seems like the attackers of  PL Profits (program details) are determined to do some damages to one of the rising programs in the industry today due to the fact that after having the need to change to a more secured server, another attack has been launched against the program.

In fairness to Tony, the admin of PL Profits, he is very dedicated to keep all of us informed. Since most are not able to get hold of him, not can he do so due to the inavailability of email addresses of the members, he can only send out the announcements to us for the time being.

Tony is also asking for an apology for the inconvenience that this might have caused everyone and that I do hope that this will finally have to stop, before it gets too late for PL Profits.

PL Profits has been online now for a total of 40 days now and has been paying their investors and partners on investment plans1% Daily for 180 Days; 7% Weekly for 30 Weeks. You can check out also the program admin's interview and program review here. It is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS.

Here is the email sent out  by Tony:
We are experiencing a DDOS attack once again and our hosting is working hard to recover the site back to normality, please can you tell your referrals not to panic we will be back as soon as possible.

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