Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Latest News and Announcement From CITI

We received great news and updates from the Featured Program of February today which is CITI or Cash In Try In. The said newsletter is not just the usual weekly update from the program but also thank you note and a "we listen to your requests" message to all those who have invested in the program. Having said this, CITI has slowly but surely paved its way to becoming one of the promising programs this 2013.

As emphasized and promised by the admin and the group to their investors, they are determined to top the industry by not only providing great opportunities and earnings to its members but also by listening to each one's requests. With the latest update of today, I am indeed glad that they have already REMOVED THE MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL. Not only have they addressed the issue with regard to reducing the competition by taking this out, but have also presented their program to a wider scope in the market. This will be a great icing on the cake for CITI.

We are also reminded by the program with regard to their plans offered which is 1.5% to 3% daily earnings and having to pay for a total of 100 to 180 business days. They also have their 5% commission rate referral program should you be into affiliate marketing fir extra income.

DO TAKE NOTE THAT CITI IS ALSO PART OF MY REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM which will allow you to request for the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits. Simply follow the rules found here in order to avail on the said service. CITI's detailed program review and rating will be published within this week so watch out for it! In the mean time, you can sign up using my referral link or see the program details in this page.

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