Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Al Invest on Problem Status

We received a suspicious newsletter from Al Invest today. Although the program has paid me for yesterday's cash out requests, their latest newsletter gave me an alarm when this supposed long term investment program suddenly announced that they will be introducing a "SHORT TERM INVESTMENT PLAN."

For today's cash out however, I did not receive it instantly. In relation to this, I will be placing this program into program status and that I do not advice further investments until further notice. Do take note that the reason why I changed its status is due to the update BUT DUE TO MY CASH OUT NOT INSTANTLY PAID.

If I get paid tomorrow, I will update you of course, but if my suspiciouns of the program to no longer pay and go for a scam and that final squeezing of the investors money by telling them that they will be earnings 135% after 1 day for a minimum of a huge $1000 is true, then please do not let me say that I told you so.


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Here is the entire newsletter:
Hello The HYIP Bulletin

We are online for more than 30 days. To celebrate this we added new plan, which will be available only for few days.

135% after 1 day. If you invest 1000$ you will receive $1350 after 24 hours.

Deposit from member area.



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