Thursday, November 1, 2012

SkyCrown and Finvance Now on Problem Status

It is sad to say that there are just some good things that can come to an end. Most specially if we are in the HYIP industry.

If you can recall a few days ago, I have been informing everyone what possible consequences a massive DDoS attacks can do. Unfortunately, what I feared has come and this incident is the impeccable. 

With more than 24-72 hours offline, having an HYIP program with so many members to pay and with no cash coming in, the program is doomed. Finvance and SkyCrown, two of our Top Most Favorite programs with a very tremendous amount of great stories and with thousands of members and millions of deposits online is of no exception to this.

Sad to say, they are now marked under problem status. They stopped paying 2 days ago due to the said DDoS attacks. This is mainly because of the cash coming in due to the extensive downtime they have with their server.

Previous attempts of contacting the admins where already done but we received no response from them. Thus, DO NOT INVEST ANYMORE ON THESE PROGRAMS.

I just hope that they can come back soon, but that would be a very thin line.

Please also read the "Send Dispute" section for a very important message from me.

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