Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alpha Capital FX New Milestone

We received  a newsletter today from Alpha Capital FX about having their very first investors of their Dampier Plan completing one cycle today which itself is a milestone for the program.

Alpha Capital (reviewed here) is the recently added program in My Personal List and had been continually gaining more and more investors each day. It is more of a middle term investment program offering two plans for a minimum of $25 as an initial investment - the Dampier Plan which offers a total of 107% return or 7% profit after a lock in of your investments for 7 days and the Pilbara Plan which pays 5% daily for 31 business days giving a total return of 155% upon maturity including your principal or a total of 55% pure profit. Contrary to the first plan, you can do daily cash outs with the Pilbara Plan.

Alpha Capital has also recently added more premium enlisting monitors and has taken the necessary actions to actively promote its program for the race of 2013.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Good day Sir ,
I am happy to announce that Alpha Capital Fx achieved first milestone successfully.
first cyle of Dampier Plan ( 107% After 7 Days ) completed today, itself. Still many more to come.

Happy weekend.

Best regards

Steve Allen
Alpha Capital Fx"

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