Thursday, January 10, 2013

Benson Union Now Back from Downtime

We received a newsletter from Benson Union today which is our  ranked 4 in the Top HYIPs Lists, today. The newsletter is an explanation and update as to why the website is inaccessible for almost one day.

As explained, the reason as to why the website has been inaccessible is due to the fact that the program is becoming more and more popular in the industry and the sudden increase of traffic being received is crashing their server. This claim might be true since Benson Union was also our Top Ranked HYIP of October based on the Survey Poll and have always been in the top 5 of our rankings a lot longer before that. Having one of the most unique and most detailed website in the HYIP industry, Benson Union easily became one of the favorites in the industry even when it was still in its early days.

What I am concerned about the said downtime though is that although it is not very much visible to us here in the investor's side, we cannot tell and estimate the exact damage the downtime might have caused the program. This might have resulted some irreversible and serious results, such as cash flow issues as an example which the program lost, while the server was not accessible.

In any case, the admin verbalizes that everything has already been checked and fixed, the site is performing to its usual state, and the program is paying instantly like it always has been. Nevertheless, I still am particular about what the admin meant when he said “almost 100% of data is already recovered," since we do not know what specific data those are.

Let us wait and see for a couple more days if we can really have the confidence of having Benson Union be performing to its usual excellence.

Benson Union is a long term investment program that has been instantly paying its investors for 358 days now. Depending on the amount invested, it offers a daily profit rate of 1.2-4.5% daily for 170 business days which can be available by a minimum deposit of only $10. The program has the 0-100% compounding feature and promises to return your capital or investments upon maturity. You can deposit on the program without any difficulties since it is one of those programs, if not the most, that accepts a very good number of payment processors. You can use either your Liberty Reserve, Solid TrusT Pay, Perfect Money, Ego Pay, Pex Pay, and BitCoin. You can also deposit in the program via Bank Wire transfers.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
Benson Union is back online!

"Dear investors! First of all we would like to apologize that Benson Union website was offline almost whole day. We had small technical issue with software caused by overloading of the server, almost 100% of data is already recovered and we will restore some records within next 24 hours. Benson Union is becoming more and more popular week by week so the traffic volume grows extremely fast and our software needed some optimication upgrades to be able to serve so many thousands of accounts. Anyway it didn't affect on investors' earnings and payouts. All daily profit transactions for January 10 have been credited to investors' accounts and next profit is coming in just a few hours. Withdrawals are procesed instantly as always. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you see something incomplete in your account, we will take care of everyone's comfort."

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