Monday, January 7, 2013

Petrol Gain Full Program Review

Good day guys! Yesterday has been a very busy day for me to a point of having only two hours of sleep. I was updating some web lay outs of The HYIP Bulletin and everything was going as usual when suddenly I noticed that the upload time, which usually takes only about 5-10 mins, took a lot longer than the usual. I tried to be patient but it seemed something is really wrong so after an hour or so I reached my limit closed the window without letting it finish. Confident that my web design features take snapshots from time to time, I am very hopeful that I can reload the page to where I left it before I did the upload. Unfortunately, much to my surprised the most horrific thing happened! Although the lay out seemed fine, the is that a lot of pages went missing and all the web contents were lost! To make matters worse, the only way for me to fix it is by reverting it to my last saved back up which was dated almost two months ago! Anyways, most of the things are fine now and I apologize for any inconvenience some errors might cause. Should you notice something odd or is not working, I would be very glad if you can report it to me so I can fix it ASAP.

Unfortunately, the HYIP industry's news and updates will not stop and wait for the everything to be fix in my mother website. And for this I am just so glad that my news and updates section is on an  entirely separate hosting service, allowing me to successfully send out the latest news and updates for you regardless my mother site is in perfect shape or not.

Before we go into our usual daily news and updates, I would like to introduce you to the latest addition in My Personal List section which I have recently modified and improved.

I know some have already gone ahead to placed their investments, while some joined, and some others just waited patiently for this review to be published. Regardless as which of those you might have been, thank you for the continued support being shown. Please be informed once again that this program is also part of my RCB or referral commission back programs. If you have done your signing up and deposits with me as your referrer, up line, sponsor or whatever they may call it, you are very much welcome to ask back the amount I received as commissions from your deposits on the said program. 

The program that we are going to take a closer and more detailed look today is no other than Petrol Gain which was added to my Premium Enlisting yesterday. Petrol Gainis categorized under short term investment programs and offers 3 investment plans.

Like any other short term investment plans, these three are pretty much straightforward and similar with the only difference is the number of days and rate or profit upon expiry is different. Also each of these three investment plans are also bracketed into 5 sub-plans and only differs depending on the amount spent. In general, the bigger the amount you invest, the bigger your interest rate.  The brackets or sub-plans are the following: sub-plan 1 $10-300, sub-plan 2 $301-1000, sub-plan 3 $1001-5000, sub-plan 4 $5001-10,000 and sub-plan 5 $10,001 and more.

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