Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SureInv Explains Their Investment Plan

We received an unusual newsletter from SureInv today which is an explanation of its 3 investment plans.

Having been online for 57 days now and with investors enjoying the 3.5-5% daily earnings for up to 60 business days, there are still a lot of the program’s investors confused on the 3 investment plans being offered.

Thus, Thomas Jenkins who is the admin of SureInv felt the need to send an explanation about the difference of the three. I find it uncesssary if I will be explaning these three plans since TJ has pretty much explained them in a very detailed manner.

If you are still not in SureInv, you can find the program review here and you can also read my Interview with Thomas Jenkins here in The HYIP Bulletin in this link.

SureInv is one of the very few programs who offers a very good number of payment processors which are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay and Pex Pay. The program has also been made available to two languages – English and Russian.

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Here is the entire posted update:
News 9. January 2013
Hello all
In todays newsletter I’d like to address a myth, that puzzled some of our clients who contacted us during the past few days, concluding that our investment plans are not thought through – or are even bizarre!
They say our 5% for 30 days plan is more profitable than our 3.5% for 60 days plan, if investing in the 30 day plan for a second term – after the expiration of the first term. This is of course not the case and I will explain to you why. So lets do the math:
First at all, we need to break down the interest rate into net profit. As you all know, the original principal is incorporated in your daily profit in all of our plans. The incorporated principal return rate is 3.333% daily for our 30 day plan, while 1.667% remains net profit. For our 60 day plan the incorporated principal return rate is 1.667% daily, while 1.833% remains net profit.
Now I will give you concrete example:
Lets assume you have $100 in your payment processor account and you are investing this $100 for 30 days with SureInv. After 30 days your payment processor balance will be $150. Right?
If you invest $100 again for a second 30 day term, your current payment processor account balance would be $50 for the time being. During the second term we pay you again $150 which is added to your payment processor account and leaves you with $200 in total.
Now, lets assume that you invest $100 into our 60 day plan: At the end of the 60 day term your payment processor account balance will be $210.
The above example shows us that the 60 day plan is indeed our most profitable plan.
In addition, lets have a look at the ever important risk factor as well. I am talking about the BEP or break-even point. The break-even point is the point at which gains equal losses, meaning that after that point you are in profit with your investment.
The break-even point for our 30 day plan is reached after 20 days, meaning that after receiving the interest on day 21 you are in profit. The break-even point for our 60 day plan is reached at 29 days, meaning that after receiving the interest on day 29 you are in profit.
On the other side, a second investment into our 30 day plan will result in just another 20 day period before reaching BEP.
I felt a necessity to explain our investment plans in detail, in order to avoid confusion among our clients while investing in any of our plans. In any case, you should be comfortable with your investment with SureInv and make your decision on what suits your investment goals best.
Thanks for reading, we are back soon with more news from SureInv.
Best regards, TJ

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