Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Benson Union Pays Instantly Again

After having some script issues, Benson Union (ranked 4 in the Top HYIP Poll) sent out a newsletter today informing everyone that the issue encountered on their Liberty Reserve's API has finally been fixed and all cash out requests are now back to the usual instant processing again. They also included a reminded for everyone about the members who were able to receive some "holiday" gifts in the last few days.

In just a couple of days from now, Benson Union will finally be celebrating their first year in the industry and have been successfully paying its members satisfactorily with 1.2%-2.45% daily profit for a total of 170 business days. They have been online in the industry for 364 days now. You can invest in their program using a wide variety of payment processors such as LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay, and BitCoin.

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Liberty Reserve: Migration completed
Dear investors! As you can see, we have easily completed recovery of Jan 7 – Jan 9 records and also gifted some bonuses and gift deposits to make everyone feel happier, all other database records weren’t damaged. We applied all required measures to prevent such situations in the future. We also had to complete one more important step today – migration to the new version of Liberty Reserve API, so withdrawals to Liberty Reserve were not instant today. Migration has been completed and pending Liberty Reserve withdrawals are already paid out. Thank you for attention and stay tuned for next updates from BensonUnion!”

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