Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Petrol Gain on Scam Status

I have moved Petrol Gain to Scam Status today for having my cash outs on pending status for more than the expected processing time of 1-12 hours upon request.

It is very unfortunate that this program has ended up a lot younger than any other short term investment programs and has not really tapped the maturity of its potentials, having lasted for only 5 days.

I suspect that the admin went out of control in the spending too much funds in adding a lot of monitoring sites. This is pretty much a suicide for Petrol Gain being an already short term program since the industry is still yet to recover from the holiday and a very huge number of investors as still hibernating. As a result, the funds that is supposedly used to pay its members were depleted.

In any case, please do not invest further on the program.

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