Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EVO Profit, Amilia Fund & Rico Trend Moved To Scam Status

I have moved EVO Profit (111 days), Amilia Funds (172 days) and Rico Trend (124 days) to scam status today after multiple issues and complaints of selective pay outs. The programs did last for a very long time considering the fact that it offers short term investment plans.

Hats off to them but everything comes to an end for a program eventually in the HYIP industry.

And yes, in case you have not noticed, the program is still processing cash outs but usually the very small ones. If you are in the program, do simple cash outs of $1-2 daily which is the usual amount for selectively paying programs. Also, obviously these programs are run by one program admin.

In any case, please do not invest further.

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