Saturday, January 19, 2013

PL Profits or Premium League Profits Weekly Updates

We received a newsletter from PL Profits today, with regard to the latest program update that they have. PL Profits is listed under the PREMIUM ENLISTINGS and had been paying its members with either on daily or weekly basis which are the following: 1% daily for 180 business days or 7% weekly for 30 weeks. They have updated their FAQ section in order to answer the more commonly asked questions.

PL Profits is looking into adding another payment processor which is becoming more commonly used among the different programs in the industry - PexPay. In relation to this, they will be modifying their script if the said addition of e-currency is beneficial to them. Per my last conversation with Tony, the admin of PL Profits, that they are still looking into the reason that modifying a script is a bit tasking on their part and at the same time, uncertain as to how it could affect the current stable financial status of the program. This is due to the fact that aside from having PexPay still not that as widely used as the rest of the major E-currencies, it might be due to exchange of the said currency to a better one. The payment processors accepted by the program as of the moment as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay. 

Last but not the least, PL Profit announces the availability of the program review to other blogs and forums and of course one of the reviews would be The HYIP Bulletin Detailed Program Reviews: PL Profits.

In any case, before you ask too many questions, I would have to leave you guys their newsletter:
Most things have gone quite smoothly this week but we do have a couple of points that we would like to report to you all. First I want to remind our investors who hold shares in the daily plan that interest is not credited on Saturday or Sunday but we will still continue to make payments as many have money to withdraw from our Weekly plan. Weekends are busy here so payments could take a little longer although we always try to pay within 6 hours.

We like to think that we have fast support and we are always here to help so if you do happen to have a question that is not answered in our FAQ\'s section, have any sort of problem or any suggestions to improve the way we do business then contact us either via the form or via live chat when we are available which is quite often.

On the subject of improvements we are looking into the possibility of accepting Pexpay and if we can modify our script to do this then we will add it soon.

We have been reviewed by Money News Online and Paying HYIP Online and the reviews can be read along with the review from The HYIP Bulletin by going to our Ratings page.

Hope you all have great weekend.


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