Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alpha Capital FX Sends Warning for Possible Scam

We received a scam warning from Alpha Capital FX, ranked 20 from our Survey Poll and reviewed here, about a possible scam by another program.

The said newsletter indicates the website (accessed here) of the suspected "scammer" and although we cannot verify if the program mentioned is doing actual scams, the admin of Alpha Capital FX is worried about the good reputation they have deservingly earned and protected.

If you check out the newer program, you can easily notice the very obvious design template both are using. Do take note however that this incidents do happen in the industry every now and then because of only countable trusted and good program creators and designers. Also, I am sure you also will have to agree with me on this,  all program websites are created in a detailed matter to be sold to the investors. Often times, these creators resell these designs to other aspiring admin for the sake of getting more without any regard to what could possibly happen to the programs who are using the exact same design.

At this point, It is not clear to us if this has been deliberately done by the newer program or not. Some of the possible reasons which I can think, although not necessarily accurate, is that the newer program might want to ride on the momentum of Alpha Capital FX's growing popularity; or the motive of trying to defame ACF by scamming. We can also look at the possible that the newer program is simply the poor, innocent, unsuspecting and unlucky admin that has purchased the exact design template of without any idea about Alpha Capital FX's existence.

One thing certain though is that if both programs create too much connection with each other, to a point that people becomes aware of these two program’s existence then there should not be any problem in differentiating. But if not, then the possible of an accidental joining one program with the mentality that it is the other (ridiculous as it may seem, but we never know...) can happen. We might also have a scenario wherein one of the programs will go on scam and due to the same look of the websites, the investors might think that the paying program is already a scam or the sad scenario of a clueless investor depositing on the scam program, thinking that it is the perfectly paying program.

In any case, please do not and should not be confused between these two programs. I have no idea about the latest program on how it is going to perform yet since I am not following it, but as for Alpha Capital FX with its two investment plans, namely the Damier Plan (107% after 7 days) and the Pilbara Plan (5% daily for 31 business days), are perfectly paying me almost instantaneously.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
“Scam Alert
Dear Sir ,
I have found a website which is using our template .
Please be aware of it to before invest.
we are not related to this site in anyhow.

Best regards

Steve Allen

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