Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alpha Capital FX Program Review

The program I would like to introduce to you today is Alpha Capital FX. This program was released 5 days ago and just a few hours after its launching, the program has already signed up for enlisting here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Alpha Capital FX is more of a middle term program which offers two investment plans and both requires a minimum amount of $25 for startup deposit. Do take note though that these two plans have different lock in period and return rates. The first plan being offered is the shorter plan which locks your investments for 7 days and offers you a total of 107% return upon expiration. This already includes your principal amount and thus gives you a total of 7% profit or 1% daily interest rate. Break even is reached on this investment plan after each cycle or maturity since you will not be able to do withdrawals before it matures.

On the other hand, the second investment plan is the longer investment plan but proves to be the more lucrative once. This plan offers 5% daily interest rate for 31 business days. This will then give you a total return of 155% upon maturity with principal included or a total of 55% profit upon a complete cycle or 1.77% daily profit. Contrary to the first plan, you can do daily cash out request in this type of plan.


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