Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prospera Nova Moved to Problem Status

I have moved Prospera Nova today after more than 24 hours of cash out requests are in pending status. As all of you know, the warning sign which was very much obvious that the program is about to scam is when out of nowhere the program introduced a sudden change in its offered plan.

The program added a short term investment plan in an attempt to get more funds from the unsuspecting members, with having its records from a clean slate. Nevertheless, this of course will not fool the more experienced investors. True that it first paid the few ones who tried to invest of the said plan. But then, it has raised my eyebrows much more when it extended the said short term investment plan for further more days.

Considering the fact that the program is already in serious cash flow issues, this is the most obvious sign that the program is finally going for it. I believe the admin had the first "phase" a test run and when the announcement of an extension for the said short term plan and those poor investors who were so eager to do the second run dive in to the "opportunity" then the plot is all set out. This lead to not a single investor getting paid after then.

In any case, please do not invest further on Prospera Nova since it has already been moved to Problem Status. Unfortunately, I suspect that there is no hope that the program could return back to paying status.

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