Monday, January 7, 2013

Epic Royal Fund Upgrades DDoS Protection

We received an update from Epic Royal Fund today regarding the upating of the program's DDoS-protection server. In relation to this, you might be experiencing some difficulties in accessing their website.

As you all know by now, most of the common downfalls of the program is the possibility of having been down for a couple of days which can lead to serious cash flow issues if not stopped. Thus, Epic Royal Fund is doing such update.

Epic Royal Fund  is an EXCLUSIVE HYIP that has been online now for 43 days now and pays out in a weekly or monthly basis. The program requires a minimum of $10 for cash out and depending on what type of membership you have, your earnings also vary. Full listing of investment plans here.

The said update can be read only by its members due to the exclusive membership of the program. Should you want to join, feel free to use my sponsorship ID.

Here is the entire update:
"Dear Members,

We are setting up DDoS-protection for our server. There may be a small downtime for the site for the next few hours at some locations.

We apologize for inconvenience. Please wait for updates from the Admin.

Best regards,

Rudolf Haschmann,
Technical Support Administrator"

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