Saturday, January 5, 2013

Warning: Prospera Nova Short Term Plan Extended

We receive a newsletter from ProsperaNova today. It is currently ranked 9 in the Top Most Favorite Program and has been online now for 121 days. The said newsletter is about an extension of the "short term plan" introduced last December which pays for 135% after 10 days until January 7th. If you did remember my warning about the said unusual move from the admin, it looks like the admin is hoping to get more investments from its members and investors despite having to lose more with the high return on a much shorter period from its original plan.

Nevertheless, I still strongly advise anyone who is planning to invest in the said "short term plan" to please consider approaching and trying out the new plan with extra precaution. Originally, ProsperaNova is a long term investment program that pays for 2% daily for 365 days and suddenly out of nowhere comes the introduction of a "short term plan" that will be available for  limited time only. Having been in the industry for a while now, I have seen too many similar moves from admins who apparent goes on scam a few days after. This could be a similar pattern we are seeing right now. I know some of you might be disagreeing with me right now about this though should you have been also a long time investor who is receiving prompt pay outs from the program as I do too, but it just is too sudden for this to happen. Anything that is of a sudden and unusual change, most especially on routinary things such as investment plans is a serious warning in the HYIP industry.

In any case, let us just wait and see if ProsperaNova will be able to sustain its program after having another go of trying to pay a lot of higher from its original plan after the term of these new plans which is available up until January 7. It is for you guys to decide if you will take this offer or not. As for me, I will have to pass.

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Here is the entire newsletter:

ProsperaNova: Extension of the New Year’s plan
Dear investors,
Due to the fact that many of our users could not fund their ecurrency accounts during the holidays we received a large amount of requests for an extension to the New Year’s plan. We decided to extend the plan. The new end date is January 7th.
We would like to remind you that the New Year plan pays 35% profit after 10 days, plus your principal back.
Many of you did, as we very well expected, request that we keep this plan permanently, but that is not possible. Although you must admit our standard daily plan with 2% every day is not bad as well.
As you can see, we have stepped into the new year working, pushing forward, and we intend to keep at it. We promise you, our users, a successful and profitable year together with us.
Thank you for your trust.
Best Regards, ProsperaNova support”.

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