Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paying HYIPs Report 1/17/13

The HYIP Bulletin Enlisted Programs that paid me in the last 24 hours.

Featured Programs List: 
SureInv, C.I.T.I. coming soon...

Premium Programs List: 
Oil Funds Plaza, Perfect Forex, Galaxy Gains, Ad Solid, Al Invest, PL Profits Stravia, Alpha Capital FX, Epic Royal Fund, TrackInv, Stallion Gold, 4FX Investment & Benson Union

Normal Programs List:
EVO Profit, Rico Trend, Diamond Asset, Prospera Nova & Felmina Alliance

*** Epic Royal Funds is yet to respond to the incident that happened yesterday (details here)
*** Prospera Nova continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** EVO Profit continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Rico Trend continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Amilia Trade continues to pay me (selective paying)

New Premium Enlisting:
Oil Funds Plaza - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Perfect Forex - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Ad-Solid - 1/14/13
Ad Solid

Galaxy Gains - 1/14/13
Galaxy Gains

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