Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: BW-Fund or Black and White Fund Initial Review

A new program has enlisted in the Premium Enlisting today. This new program is called BW-Fund or the abbreviation for Black and White Fund. The program is categorized under short to middle term investment programs and pays you up to 11%-14% daily for 10 business days. Like any other programs, BW-Fund is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM so make sure to sign up using my referral link (found here) in order for you to request the commissions I received from your deposits.

While I do a more thorough review of the program, here is a quick introduction. BW-Fund offers a total of 4 investment plans which basically differ only on the amount you are willing invest. The first plan is called the Basic Plan which requires a deposit from $10-$200. The second plan is called the Advance Plan which requires a deposit from $201-$500. The third plan is called the Premium Plan which requires $500-1,000. And finally, last but not the least is the VIP Plan which requires $1,000-and up.

The program accepts payments from the 3 major processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. If you are the type who likes to do recruiting, or are into referral marketing, or you simply love or enjoy earning extra, then you can do so by joining their referral/affiliation program which offers up to 7% commissions per deposit of your recruits/referrals/downline.

The program is also packed with potentials and hopefully could be one of those really good and lasting programs this 2013. I have to cut short this initial review for now, and I hope to see you soon for BW-Fund's Detailed Program Review. Before you go, be reminded once again to use my referral link in order to avail the REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM only here in The HYIP Bulletin.

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