Sunday, November 11, 2012

AWTC biz Sends Out Newsletter for About Non-Paying Holiday and Addition of EgoPay, one of our consistent Top Most Favorite Program, has sent out a newsletter today after a very long time of silence. offers 4-10% daily for 35 day or 11 business days and is now online and paying for the past 36 days now providing almost all the first investors profit from the said program. You can see the full program review after its one month online here. had been consistently paying with very little attention being sought by the program admin, nevertheless  they have had always been one of the favorites of the investors due to its fast and religious pay-outs.

The main purpose of the program sending out of newsletter is to inform everyone that there will not be any pay outs this coming Monday, November 12, 2012 since it is the celebration of the Veteran's Day is US and since it is a declared public holiday, there will not be any trading market opened.

Another purpose of in sending out the newsletter is to inform everyone that a new payment processor will now be added to the program this coming November 13, 2012. The said payment processor to be added is EgoPay.

Here is the newsletter: 
"Dear All,

It has been some time since our last newsletter and we are pleased to announce our stability and strength during this whole period of our online presence.

Almost all of our first members have got back their initial deposit and are going to be in profit from now on which gives us a great pleasure.

The main purpose of this newsletter is to inform you there would be no interest credited to accounts on Monday November 12, 2012 due to being the Veteran's Day in US as public holiday and therefore trading market will be closed.

Another great news is for EgoPay users as we will be adding it from Tuesday November 13, 2012.

Thank you all for your supports, stay with us and stand by us to make us all good profits with long life program.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more great news to come from AWTC!

With Regards,

AWTC Administration"

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